Lotus is in most regards a fairly typical-looking young woman of East Asian descent; her thick mane of hair is black, long and cut with deep bangs in front covering her forehead and eyebrows, and her eyes are a dark brown. The bridge of her nose is characteristically high and slightly aquiline, something relatively uncommon in Asia and quite distinctly hers. She's above average height for an Asian girl but has an otherwise unimpressive physique, having a lanky build that does not see much exercise and is fairly underweight. Her skin has a naturally yellow tone to it but tends to be on the pale side due to lack of sunlight.


Lotus can act mature for her age yet paradoxically shows great naivete in other regards. She's generally shy and a bit awkward, especially around unfamiliar people. She used to have a problem understanding American humour, especially sarcasm, but she is slowly improving. Although she does have a slight accent to her English, her body language is probably the most distinctly un-American about her. Things like covering her mouth when laughing, bowing, "cute" gestures like blowing up her cheeks and pouting are very Asian, and sometimes appear a little immature. On the other hand, when discussing philosophical or religious topics, she changes and becomes a calm and collected young woman that speaks thoughtfully and intelligently.


Joe's Dropoff
Silver Lotus Temple
Digital Den
Legerdemain Lodge


Lotus is a native to Hong Kong but she is ethnic Tibetan. Her family belongs to the Tibetan diaspora, twice exiled from their ancestral homeland as the Maya Cloud descended upon the Himalayan kingdom after the Communist Chinese were kicked out. Her family, who make a decent living as herbalists but also living in the SINless shadows of Hong Kong's underbelly, are convinced that their daughter is special. Exactly 49 days - a number specified in the Tibetan Book of the Dead as the time a soul spends in the intermediate realm between reincarnations - before she was born, a Tibetan Buddhist master living in India passed away. Some of her traits, including her characteristic nose that nobody else in her family has, has led to them believing that she is the reincarnated old master. When she began to show magical talents as a young teenager, what little doubt there was quickly disappeared. Using nearly all their savings, her family bought her a counterfeit SIN to attend school, and eventually she was accepted into a Wuxing Corporation private university for magical studies. She currently holds two Bachelor's Degrees, one in Philosophy and one in Yin-Yang Metaphysics, as well as a Master's Degree in Enchanting specialised in historical Daoist techniques. All of her academic work has been conducted in Chinese, rather than Tibetan.


Lotus is a devout Tibetan Buddhist, although she is also involved with Bönpo (Tibetan shamanism), Dzogchen Tantra and Chinese Daoist practices. She will venerate many deities but holds the Buddha and the Dharma above all. She currently does not belong to any Sangha.


Lotus has an excellent singing voice notable for its great width and the ability to perform the notoriously difficult Tibetan wail. She rarely gets to sing traditional Tibetan songs but she also has a fondness for classic love songs from the early 1900s, especially American and French ones. Being a native to Hong Kong she also likes to sing in Cantonese, as well as Buddhist songs in various languages.

Name པདྨ་ལྷ་རྡོན་དབྱངས་ཅན Pema Lhadrön "Yangchen"
AKA 歌山蓮子 Utayama Hasuko
Nationality Hong Kong
Metatype Human
Archetype Mage (Wujen)
Birthdate 15 November, 2060
Eyes Dark brown
Hair Black
Ethnicity Tibetan
Height 175cm
Build Gaunt
Cybernetics None
Fashion Conservative and feminine
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