And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts, and I looked and behold: a pale horse. And his name, that sat on him, was Death. And Hell followed with him.

Common Knowledge

Primarily based in the Warrens, Kali is a known 'runner with magical healing talents, a large shotgun and an impressive modified Ford Americar. It's unknown who her main fixer is, but she seems to do a lot of simple work for whoever it might be. She often takes calls while in her usual haunt, The Cybered Arms, where she'll grab anyone willing to come along to do a quick job. These are usually quite simple tasks with low pay, but it's good practice and keeps the rent paid for another month. Those more familiar with the Warrens, especially with the Sinners, might recognize her as being a part of the gang in the past. How she left and is still breathing is anyone's guess, though the gang do seem a little unnerved whenever she's around…

As well as being a 'runner, Kali spends her time travelling around the city, visiting hospitals, homeless shelters and those sleeping rough. Her healing talents are offered to those in need, but always in return for something they treasure, something personal to them, which could be anything from a photograph to the Americar she now owns. Those she's made dealings with seem happy afterwards, cured of whatever ailed them, as well as finding new and more fulfilling lives after she's gone.

Rumors and Half Truths

For those who dig a little deeper, rumors tell that while Kali was a younger Sinner, she caused some major issues with a Yakuza looking for a fun time. To make amends, the Sinners emptied half a clip into her chest, declared her dead and sent her body off to the morgue so they could sell her organs. Whatever happened after that is unknown, though her body was missing until she was spotted walking around the Warrens, and the doctor performing the organ removals has given up his profession and moved out of the city. She doesn't seem aware of what the Sinners did, neither does she seem to know any of them personally, despite having spent a few years in the gang, but the gang are comfortable with that - it's one less vigilante they have to worry about.

Skills and Talents

It's not hard to see where Kali's offensive skill lies, she's always carrying a shotgun while in the Warrens, regardless of where she is. It's not surprising considering how dangerous that part of the city is. Those who worked with her have declared her as cold and ruthless, she'll place the barrel of the weapon to a downed combatant's head and pull the trigger without even flinching. Her arsenal also includes a selection of grenades that help level the playing field when things get tense, sometimes flash to get the drop on the enemy, sometimes gas if someone needs to come out alive, or it might be a large explosion that rocks the building and sends body parts flying. Subtlety isn't one of her specialities, though she can move around quietly if needed.

One of her specialties, however, is her shamanic magic. Though limited in her choice, she's heavily focused on healing, able to cure wounds, remove diseases and poisons, wake the unconscious or simply freshen up after a long day. Ruthless she might be, but she's always ready to heal up her teams wounds if given the chance. It's said she's never been seen eating or drinking either, whether that's something to do with her mysterious 'rise from the dead' or more magic is yet to be uncovered. She also dabbles in conjuring, though while still limited, don't be surprised to find a ghostly humanoid form following nearby while working with her.

Despite now owning a modified Americar, she doesn't seem the best of drivers just yet, and certainly has no use for the cars built in rigger compatibility. It sure is a nice car though, and despite it's sleek lines and apparent lack of armor, it seems almost entirely bulletproof. Rounds have bounced off the exterior both from pistol and assault rifle fire.

Inspiration and Theme

This character is inspired by the lyrics from a song by the band, Clutch, called, Cypress Grove:

Name Kali Hall
AKA Kali
Nationality UCAS
Metatype Human
Archetype Shamanist (Dark King)
Birthdate Unknown
Eyes Dark Brown
Hair Black
Ethnicity Caucasian
Height 5'10"
Build Gaunt
Cybernetics None
Fashion Black. Lots of Black.
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