Camille Jackson, more commonly known as CJ to her followers, was a popular Social Media creator before things took a turn for the worse…

Common Knowledge

Camille Jackson was once one of the best social media creators online, with cinematography - camera positioning, tone, theme, style, etc - more than able to rival that of Hollywood. As a small creator, of course, she didn't have the millions of nuyen behind her, but she did well with what she had. She was born into a rich family that couldn't give her enough, which helped immensely with her endeavours. Able to fly around the world at a moments notice, her content usually involved some incredible locations, as well as the use of simsense for premium subscribers. The simsense would include everything from walking through the rain in distant, forgotten cities, to parachute drops over tropical islands, and diving into clear waters to film shoals of colorful fish and lost, underwater regions. Her use of drones for filming also gave a birds eye view of some of the larger areas, which really sold the deal when it came to cinematography.

The Death of CJ

Mid February, 2081, Camille was reported to have killed her entire media team while on location in South America. Film footage shows her dressed in a red hooded robe, wielding a curved dagger that she uses to kill her bound friends. Tying previous comments made on her account to her choice of location, it seems she was trying to frame Aztechnology for the murders, though it's unclear what her end game was. Attempting to escape and return to Denver, she became aware that Lone Star were waiting for her arrival at the airport, ready to detain her, so she took over the private jet and crashed it into the ground.

That's if you believe everything you hear in the media, of course.

Rumors and Half Truths

Not long after the jet crashed into the ground, there were rumors of multiple persons escaping the jet before it crashed. One landed somewhere in the CAS sector by parachute, the other was caught by someone with large bird-like wings. With the alleged death of CJ, her existence became a memory, with her social media accounts closed, her home in Glenndale investigated and then auctioned, and the contents of her bank account sent to various charities.

Skills and Talents

With her varied list of trideo and simsense recordings to search through, it's obvious that CJ is a talented individual. Personal VLogs show her repairing faulty electronics and damaged motorcycle parts in the field, dealing with trouble from locals using what appears to be Aikido, and even pulling a pistol to keep back a growing number of people before help could arrive. The planned recordings has her controlling rotor drones for overhead shots, diving underwater, parachuting out of planes, climbing mountains, and travelling at speed through overgrown woodland on a motorcycle. That's not including the amount of languages she seems to know; Mandarin, Thai, Spanish, Portuguese, to name but a few.

It certainly seems if Camille wanted to make a new life in the shadows, she may have just what it takes to survive.

Name Camille Jackson
Nationality Denver, UCAS
Metatype Human
Archetype Specialist
Birthdate September 23rd, 2055
Eyes Blue
Hair Chestnut Brown
Ethnicity Caucasian
Height 5'8"
Build Athletic, Toned
Cybernetics Datajack, Multi-Slot Chipjack III, Image Link, Smartlink II, Vehicle Control Rig I, Mnemonic Enhancer III, Synaptic Accelerator, Enhanced Articulation
Fashion Varies from Street Casual to Tres Chic. Usually Street Casual.
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