Winning is everything. The only ones who remember you when you come second are your wife and your dog. ~Damon Hill


Taller than most men and with a curvy hourglass build she would stand out by that alone but there is so much more to her to draw the eye. Dark mahogany skin has gold overtones when reflecting the light which makes her appear almost painted. Slightly slanted wide dark eyes are framed by thick lashes and a tattoo of a white ink line starts on her forehead above each sharp eyebrow and descends vertically over her eyelids and down to sharp cheek bones. Her jaw is slender and angular down to a delicate rounded chin. A short straight nose with a rounded tip and nostrils flared slightly wide beneath which lies full bow shaped lips finishes off her beautiful features. Her hair is a long mane of barely controlled loose black curls reaching down to the middle of her back most of the time. She has a gold engraved datajack in her right temple, and another behind her right ear near the base of her skull.

A short black crop topped sleeveless bodysuit is worn over her chest, leaving her stomach, shoulders, and long arms on display. It zips up the front all the way to her throat just beneath her jawline, wrapping her long neck, providing some contrast to her dark mahogany skin. Her left arm is clearly artificial but it is sleek and graceful over bulky with proportions identical to her right arm. In what is obviously a custom finish the cyber-arm is gold plated and metallic, not hiding behind synthskin at all. Her trim and smooth stomach leads to a narrow waist which widens into curvy hips, attention drawn that way by the low slung hip-hugger style black designer jeans that accent her curves in all the right ways, showcasing long slender legs without being immodest. Finishing the look is a pair of comfortable ankle-boots, also black.

Notable Features:

Voice: Silk and Honey, slight accent sometimes (Sperethiel is native language)
Left Arm: Custom finish, gold plated, sleek and full of hidden secrets
Tattoos: A single vertical white line bisecting her eyes from the middle of her forehead to her cheekbones

Drones & Vehicles

Infiltration: Bumblebees
Scouting: Snooper
Combat: Ares Inquisitor & Myrmidon

Bulldog: Highly modified for Shadow Ops… and driving around town.
Tzarina: For when you don't want to be noticed.

Services Rendered

Standard Rates


Negotiable Rates

Close Fire Support
Breaking & Entering

Name Sasharael Lunicost
AKA Aurum
Nationality Tir Tairngire
Metatype Homo Sapiens Nobilis (Elf)
Archetype Rigger
Birthdate December 22, 2069
Eyes Dark
Hair Black
Ethnicity Afrikaan/Amerind
Height 6'4"
Build Hourglass
Cybernetics Gold plated cyberarm (left)
Fashion Street (But dresses up nicely)
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