L.A. “native” Cadence Knutsen is a widely known sim-sense actress featured in some popular fantasy and sci-fi productions. She has a sim-ography stretching over ten years and range the gamut from cult classic B movies to a few mainstream blockbusters, though she was only a lead in one of those. Her acting has been called ‘good’ by critics, though since she is a base-line actress, she never got the opportunity to headline very many A-List productions. Due to this glass ceiling most of her work is in the more adult side of the spectrum and this is also part of why she left L.A. for Denver in the first place.

Now in Denver, Cadence goes by the name Aife and she owns and operates a hobby shop catering to a wide range of hobbyist interests ranging from sim-sense, trid and matrix movies and gaming, to old school table top role playing games. Her shop, The Palace Of The Silver Prince, (which is also the title of the one A-List blockbuster fantasy sim she had the staring role in), is currently located in the Denver Tech Center.

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Common Knowledge

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Name Aife aka Cadence Knutsen
AKA Unknown
Nationality Cal
Metatype Elf
Archetype Your friendly neighborhood ninja Taylor Swift
Birthdate Unknown
Eyes Vivid blue
Hair Red (?)
Ethnicity Perhaps some Irish or other northern European
Height 5'10"
Build Befitting her former profession
Cybernetics She is known to be a simsense actress and as such likely has a sim-rig, datajack, and it is known for sure she has a tail that is most likely high grade cyberware.
Fashion Cute
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