Name Zoom
AKA Felicity Kendel, Shelly Gellar, What was that?
Nationality UCAS
Metatype Elf (?)
Archetype Adept
Birthdate January 12, 2051
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"Oh now come on, omae, at least try to keep up!."


She's likely around eighteen years old, her hair a mop of bright turquoise and stark white strands which frame sharp, angular features. There aren't many people who would call the girl beautiful, but, that's mostly because she looks so tired most of the time. Heavy lines drag at her eyes, and she seems perpetually to be in a state of mild exhaustion.

If it wasn't for the fact that her ears are rounded, she'd almost look like an elf, which is a bit of an oddity. The girl has no real figure to speak of, her body whipcord thin and tight, without so much as an ounce of muscle mass to speak of. That said, she moves with an unnatural grace, effortlessly, adding to that semi-fae quality which tends to linger about her.

But, then, she's also a bit of a tomboy. Right now, for instance, she's wearing a pair of old running shoes, faded jeans, and a very long trenchcoat with a bright blue bolt of lightning spraypainted onto the back. Whatever figure she might have completely hidden under the heavy layers. She mostly looks pissed off. Though what she's pissed off at, is a question the world has yet to find a satisfactory answer for.

Distinguishing Features

Aside from the bizarre hair and the penchant for outrageous clothing, there's a few other things which set Zoom apart from the average person on the street.

The first are the skates in her feet. They are known to extend through slits cut into the bottom of her sneakers, and can keep up with her phenomenal speed.

The second is her twitchiness. She is constantly shifting and squirming, and rarely feels comfortable staying still for very long. She hates inactivity, and that shines through absolutely.

Finally, she has very high bones, and is almost painfully thin in her body. She could almost look elfin, if it wasn't for the rounded out ears.

Mannerisms and Habits

Zoom is often casual and relaxed. More so than she has any right to be, really. She is a little overconfident most of the time, in the way that only the young can be, and she has, as mentioned above, a real tendency to fidget when made to stay in one place for extended periods of time.


Zoom has many links across Denver.

She used to be at the heart of a well-known Fixer's operation, run by a man called Kim, but Kim died, which has left her somewhat drifting.

However, she maintains links with several gangs- most notably RGC2060 (whose works she greatly admires), The Saints, and Crimson Smoke, who she came across in a professional capacity when running through or in conjunction with their business.

She's also got two very close friends in the world. Ms. Jones, an older woman who was a close friend of Kim, and a fellow Fixer, and Officer Daniels, who is a Lonestar Officer who believes young Felicity is a genuinely good girl at heart, who has a tendency to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and who has had a hard life. He may well be right.


Running real fast. Jumping real far. Sneaking real well. Shooting people, sometimes. Zoom is not a typical runner, and is good at doing the physical, running around and so on parts of the run. Less so the hardcore violent features.

In terms of runs, Zoom is most suited to courier jobs, getting something to somewhere else very swiftly. Although she doesn't shy away from violence and killing, she doesn't consider herself a murderer, and she won't accept simple wetwork missions, though at the same time she's generally packing lethal rather than nonlethal ammunition- because it is more effective and she naturally assumes that anyone shooting at her isn't going to be so worried about her health.

Stealing and assorted stealth work is also something which she is well suited for- particularly shadowing, recon, and similar peaceful applications. She's not so well versed in getting past electronic security measures, but physical security is rarely a problem.

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