Zoey Einhart
Name Zoey Einhart
AKA Doc, Zo
Nationality Great Britain
Metatype Human
Archetype Combat Medic/Tech
Birthdate May 21st, 2037
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"Bloody Hell…"


Zoey is an ex-military combat medic. She typically dresses in military clothes(fatigues, tank top or muscle shirt), combat boots. Her hair is platinum blonde in colour, and she has a somewhat tanned skin tone. Shes tallish, and generally attractive and fit.

Distinguishing Features

Zoey has a noticeable but slight scar on the corner of her eye. Similarly she has another scar running along her spine near the nape of her neck.

Mannerisms and Habits

Zoey has a tendency to be socially shut in. Not rude.. just professional in her dealings and often doesn't show any other side of herself except to those she knows really well. She's also quite professional on Shadowruns, and is often fiercely white-hat. She will go so far as to stop, and bandage up fallen foes.


Zoey works as the legal, practicing physician at the BK Gym in the Warrens.


Zoey has extensive experience as a Doctor and Lead Surgeon. She can perform cyber implantation and other similar tasks, and has a wide range of expertise in many medical and scientific fields of study. She's also no slouch with an assault rifle, and even dabbles in electronics and decking.


Later. :(

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