Name Zelda Marks
AKA Slip
Nationality UCAS
Metatype ELF
Archetype Tech Specialist
Birthdate January 31st 2042
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"I've got a temper and I'm not afraid to use it."


Upon first look there is nothing that stands out about this elven woman. Everything about her seems to be average and ordinary. Though if you take the time to look deeper you can see that is intentional. Behind a pare of slate-gray rectangular shades her eyes are a gray-blue. Her skin is smooth and creamy ivory and with the application of makeup she could be quite beautiful. Her ears have gentle swooping points and are pierced with red-stoned studs. Black hair is braided down her back, but stray whisps fall across her face in a cute way.
She is neither tall nor short, but she is lithe and agile. She tries to hide the curves of her body behind slightly baggy clothing. But her figure is definitively feminine and would be pleasant if she dressed it up, much like the rest of her. She doesn't appeared to be exceptionally strong, but she moves with the grace the elves are known for.
In terms of attire it is pretty unimpressive. She wears a slightly tattered white t-shirt of some Elf Rock band over a black turtleneck. Black jeans with artful tears show she is wearing read tights beneath them. On her feet are very sturdy leather-look boots of a matte black. Over all of this she wear a heavy canvas trench coat in black with a dark red lining and a hood.

Distinguishing Features

Her eyes are a brilliant blue and obviously fancifully modded cybereyes.
Dresses like an old maid usually.

Mannerisms and Habits

Zelda is suspicious of people, generally speaking, at first.
Super dedicated friend when you earn the honor.
Reputation is everything to her.


Not many, but she's been seen around Blake, a local Ares VP and Johnson, as well as Sebatian Rooks


Slip is known in the shadows as a security specialist. She's hasn't done much the last few decades in the shadows. If you need a living Maglock Passkey, she's your gal.


Secrets lie here…find out in game. If you can earn that trust.

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