Name Zavier Scott
AKA Blackout
Nationality Street
Metatype Dwarf
Archetype Ganger
Birthdate Jan 2, 2050
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"Livin' a life of sin while being SINless. Black and white is a pile of drek. Life ain't shades of fraggin' gray, yo. It's a box of Crayolas all ground down and broken up and meltin' in a pile."

Gang Rumors (2+)

Many know Blackout for what he is. One of the only survivors of the Thunderbirds. The gang was wiped out 7 years ago in a highway fight between 27 Thunderbird members and over 130 members of the Demons.

Gang Rumors (3+)

Blackout got his name from allegedly one-shot KOing an ork named Maw. After that fateful haymaker landed, the ork was exiled from Denver. Recently, Maw has returned with a body that is more machine than man, and a thirst for Blackout's blood.

Gang Rumors (4+)

He's been quiet about it, but the streets see all. Blackout has been trying to locate the other surviving Thunderbirds, but there are only guesses as to why. Maybe he's trying to reform the old gang. Maybe his reasons are more nefarious.

Street Rumors (2+)

A biker with a heart of gold? Z is said to give back to the community that he grew up in. He also tries to keep an eye on those struggling to make a living in the roughest parts of the FTZ to try and keep them safe.

Street Rumors (3+)

Zave is cursed. Those that ride with him end up dying, some say. He finds a crew, he heads out on some job, and he comes back alone. In truth, he's just been at it for a long time and he's not easy to kill.

Street Rumors (4+)

From time to time Blackout rides with a strange little crew that consists of a gnome with a handlebar mustache, a scrawny troll and an elf babe that dresses like a pornstar. They all ride various types of choppers (the motorcycle kind).

Random Tidbits

  • Zavier was born in Denver and has never lived anywhere else.
  • He has a fondness for rats, and kept several as pets back in his Thunderbird days.
  • He rides a beast of a hog with the skull of some sort of mutant animal mounted in front of the handlebars.
  • He is a casual drug user, but rather than getting down with BTLs, he prefers natural stuff like pot and 'shrooms.
  • He has been known to bring his fist to a knife fight (and even a gunfight) as if it is comparable.
  • He is missing one of his front teeth. #8 to be specific.


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