Name Benedikt Köppl
AKA Zauberkugel, Zaub
Nationality German
Metatype Human
Archetype Hermetic theorist and treasure hunter
Birthdate ???
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"Considering Ehran's treatise on the absurdity of air elementals in conjuction with devil rats, this effect should NOT be possible."


His blonde hair is short and neatly trimmed to reveal the handsome features of a Nordic man. His skin is well-tanned and sharp blue eyes peer out of the face, flanking a truly roman, hawkish nose. The chin is adorned by a finely trimmed black beard, obviously this beard is regularly shaved into perfection. He is wearing grey cargo-trousers, a black shirt and a worn-out leather pilot-jacket. A bandana is slung around his hips and his head is adorned by a basecap, sporting the logo of the Seattle Destroyers.

Distinguishing Features

German Accent

Mannerisms and Habits

Theoretical person, often eccentric and obviously not fit for the shadows.


University of Marburg, Denver University


Elementals, Divining, Finding things



Born into a German family as Benedikt Koeppl, this son of a teacher and a nurse was the apple of the eye of his parents, Franz and Alexandra. The boy grew up in the mountaneuos regions of the Alps, in a tiny village called Landshut. During his school days, he always was the kind of bookworm that most parents adore and most kids instantly start to bully. He grew up fairly normal and the only thing developing was his sense for old cultures and mysterious digging sites. the boy was imagining himself leading such an expedition one day, so when he finally finished school, he decided to enroll himself into Archaeology and History classes at university.


One thing did disturb young Benedikt and these were his often violent and colourful dreams. he had these dreams since the start of his puberty, but he couldn'T make anything out nor decipher the meaning. Everything came to bear when one day, he was again bullied by some of his fellow students and getting himself into a rage, he started to lift himself up from the ground. Afraid of this unknown and maybe even cursed power, Benedikt was seeking counseling and fortunately there was help: he was magically active and obviously his beliefs and strong scientific approach to everything put him into the category of Hermetic Magic-Users. Forced to register himself in the European Union, he nevertheless gladly accepted the scholarship for Marburg University of Applied Magic.

University and Research

Young benedikt finally had something not everyone had: Magic. His studioes advanced well and besides the often tiresome and grueling exercises in the Magical Department of the University, Ben also kept up his Archaeological and Historical studies. After graduation with more or less mediocre scores, he applied into a research team of the Doctor Faustus Society and was chosen to participate in the expedition. Sponsored by the AG Chemie Megakon, Koeppl got soon desillusionated about his work.

The Shadows

The ambitious Mage found out that he was craving for one special thing: adventure, adrenaline and independence. He decided to move to the North Americas to research more onto his scientific topics and also to be closer to the Native American remains. Who knows what could be found there. So he left the job and started to move for Denver. He heard that there something called "The Shadows" exist, where adrenalien junkies like him could get their kick. And it was also close enough to the Indian Burial sites to enable a visit or two a year.

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