Name Charlotte Graham
AKA Jupiter, Jaimie Love
Nationality UCAS
Metatype Human
Archetype Specialist/Mercenary
Birthdate March 8 2044
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"Come here! C'mon! You've got to meet this magnificent motherfucker!"


Sunset orange hair conceals the top half of this African Wild Dog's head and eyes by poofing out everywhere, purposefully tousled, with a hint of curl. Cream furred, round-tipped ears have quite a few piercings, all of which are golden. A skull with scowling eyes rests on their left ear, while two studs, a bar, and a hoop decorate the right ear. This person's head has been morphed by Phenotype Alteration to resemble a caninine, complete with a long muzzle, a white-skinned nose with orange and brown spots, and an almost-as-expressive mouth. There's a golden stud piercing on his chin that's sometimes hidden by scruffy facial hair.

An estimated guess would put this dog man somewhere in his mid to late twenties. He wears a heavy wool hoody with completely oversized sleeves and pullstrings coming out of the neck region. It's unzipped, exposing a white shirt with slanted black letters that read, "Death Listens To Disco On A Transistor Radio". His neck, hands, and any other exposed body parts are covered in a thick layer of fur that is patterned with orange, brown, and cream-colored swirls, similar to a koi fish. Wide-legged khaki trousers hang down to the knees of the man's kid stealth legs. Custom finish has been applied to make them look like organic canid legs, complete with pawed, claw-tipped feet. These shorts have been modified to accomodate for the man's four and a half-foot long tail. It appears to be dog-like in shape, with excess fur covering the bioskin and mechanical muscles.

Distinguishing Features

Bio-modded to look like an African Wild Dog
Usually has an earbud in one ear and the other bud hanging down
Smells like cheap cherry-scented shampoo
Often wears heavy clothes and a head-covering gas mask while working

Mannerisms and Habits

Attentive listener
Exercises very often
Brash, friendly, lively, and an instigator in casual conversation
Usually doing prestidigitation tricks with cigarettes, lighters, and bottle caps
Unashamedly takes medication in public
Picks at and bites nails


Jupiter tends to run with other Warrens-centric folks, and keeps ties with cultists and other bio-modders.


Extraction (Material)
Breaking & Entering
Distraction (Usage of Tonal Shift cyberware, ventriloquism, paracritter and human vocal imitation, being 'obvious')
Extra Muscle
Trying to break into the Face scene


Jupiter used to be known as Yammer, the incredibly athletic, always-chatty bird bio-modder woman who lived in the Warrens. During a job gone bad the Shadowrunner took a deadly shot to the head. Despite the intervention of a supposedly magical artifact- if you can believe that schlock!- and living in a vat of healing juices, the runner's head injury took a tole on her grey matter. They say she found herself a not-so-legit doc to completely rewrite her brain and change her whole body. The runner is now out and about as an anthropomorphic African Wild Dog, and a man, to boot! Guess when you have money you can afford to reinvent yourself, huh?

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