Name Krotos Skelatoni //
AKA Wrex
Nationality Unknown//
Metatype TROLL //
Archetype Adept//
Birthdate Feb 25, 2042
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A large troll stands in front of you, his horns stretch forward much like bull, his left one is broken off from probably gun fire. His face his stern and violent, his eye brows protruding outward his nose flat and beaten. His jaw line is thick and concave just like his neck hidden underneath his large grwon beard. He has beedy red eyes that look as if they are watching everything at every moment. His body is big, not as muscular as some trolls are but more indepth and toned looking.
He wears a light brown dress shirt underneath a armored vest with plates, the vest has many spaces to carry things are are usually filled with ammunition. His shirt is rolled up at the sleeves neatly and his tie underneath hidden mostly by the vest. He is wearing casual black levis, on his left thigh a ammo belt is wrapped around supporting clips. He wears like any other runner now adays thick steel toed combat boots.

Distinguishing Features


Mannerisms and Habits



Various underground Criminal Orginizations



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