Name Wire
AKA Fred, Al, Cable, Ben, Herman, Cordite
Nationality Confederated American States
Metatype Elf(Homo Sapiens Nobilis)
Archetype Samurai
Birthdate March 2, 2053
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"Howdy, pardner."


He is a somewhat pale, early twenties, Hispanic or southern European male of roughly 6'2" who has an evenly muscular build that is more ripped and highly defined than bulky. Nothing one can style with gym machines which the subtle hints of ruggedness reinforce. He has edgy yet pleasant features except for his prominent if somewhat rounded jawline, the full lips and the heavy-lidded, very clear, dark eyes in the vaguely oval sockets that come with a natural-looking appeal reminiscent of black sapphires. His pitch-black, well-kept hair is on the wavy side and falls to the lower end of his shoulder bones unless it is harnessed into a more practical if equally lustrous braid or ponytail. There is potential waiting to be unraveled, contrary to the lack of visible hair growth on his lower face, but he has come far.
Whatever he wears in detail, his clothes tend to be more comfortable than stylish and sheathe him in multiple layers most of the time. When it is cold or windy out, he will wear a cap or hat. While discreet when he is in civvies, the multiple layers he dons without effort tell the savvy eye that they are lined or reinforced. His way of motion is constant and somewhat sloppy as he walks with a bit of a shuffle.

Distinguishing Features

<*> Walks with a shuffle.
<*> Extremely fluid motion.
<*> Rarely sits still.
<*> Shoulder length black hair.
<*> Southern accent(s).

Mannerisms and Habits

<*> Lives his fake SINs.
<*> Abrasive.
<*> Smartass.
<*> Practical.
<*> Bias against most things "Canadian".
<*> Several Disguises and acts.


Work relationships with Laz/Tonka/Tybalt, Mr.Terrific, Cobra, Katral, Little Sister.
He has been seen with various members of the hairdresser gang: Whiskey, Iktome, Rowan, Conchita, Naomi, Smoke.
No known ties to corporations or nations though a CAS patriot.
Haven Project aka. Haven Initiative regular.
Rumored ties to the Catholic Church.


<*> Firearms and other weapons. Frequently dual-wielded.
<*> Mobility and stealth.
<*> B&E.
<*> Physical Legwork.
<*> Limited morality.
<*> Limited hand to hand.
<*> Spirit combat.
<*> Rumored to operate an ace streetfood stand in changing locations, if one's palate includes Aztlaner mystery meat snacks.
<*> Scientific expertise.
<*> Applied chemistry.
<*> Crafting. Ask and he will make or modify it.
<*> Hunting and curing game, urban and wild.
<*> Eidetic Memory.
<*> Medical expertise and physician level skills.


Wire appeared out of nowhere in November 2072 and took a very slow approach to involvement in the local scene. He has since proven to be a reliable co-runner who does not shy from difficult missions and perseveres in the face of adversity.

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>>> [Wire not only knows how to smith firearms, but he also knows how to use them — ALL of them. He is one of the most intelligent people that I have ever met in my entire life and is a great runner who can get the job done both efficiently and effectively. With exceedingly more personality and more resourcefulness than your average street sam, Wire comes highly recommended as a running buddy.]
- Little Sister (04:02:23/05-15-74)
>>> [Don't let him fool you. Fragface be an elf as they come. Always smiles like he knows ever't'in. Fuck dat!]
- R4g3tr0g9001 (10:15:34/06-04-2074)
>>> [Seen some idiot run over the tox lakes in the Warrens like he was JeElvis or sum shit. Has ta be him!]
- Grandmaster CramBurn (17:04:56/08-09-2074)
>>> [Rumored ties my ass! Stay the frag away is all I can say.]
- Count 0verByte (12:57:23/09-25-2076)
>>> [Perseveres? Who writes dis crap? Aztech PR? Dis mano soak up seventy bullets while balancing on his bike on dee interstate like dey do on dee trid. Muy loco!]
- Ese Del Sure (08:15:54/04-24-2077)
>>> [Chummers, I did some people watching around the Rez. I can back the shooting claims. He is one of those high 'n' mighty Haven types. Does things about the actual reservoir lake and medics the needy on the shore sometimes.]
- Ex Recon (09:23:28/04-24-2077)
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