Charles Wickliff
Name Lieutenant Charles Wickliff
AKA Paul Rogers, Fins
Nationality United Canadian and American States
Metatype Human
Archetype Mercenary
Birthdate April 11th, 2045
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"The first lesson of being your own man is that you've got a choice in the jobs you take. The second is that there aren't any more external rules. Killing people for a living leaves a haunted enough life. You've got to draw a line somewhere."


A man with rough, short black hair, about one quarter inch in bulk, uniform in length on all sides. He has hazel colored eyes. A lanky man, about 5'10" tall, with a long face and high cheekbones, Fins is still athletic, looking more apt to a swim then freeweights.

Distinguishing Features


Mannerisms and Habits

Adament non-smoker. Values professionalism and etiquette that compliments it. Speaks with an eastern New England accent common along the coastline of Maine. Tends to see the world in military terms.


UCAS Navy (Former)
M/V Prince de Neufchatel (Former)
The League


Certified Diver
Experienced Submariner


A professional mercenary and submariner who cut his chops in the Atlantic, Wickliff was drawn to Denver with promises of riches and work. The roads were not paved with orichalcum, as he was led to believe.

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