Name Kika Elo
AKA Weeko, Tusks
Nationality Sioux Nation (Fake)
Metatype Ork
Archetype Adept
Birthdate 6/23/2051
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"Moon Maiden looks out for our freedom. I follow Moon Maiden, so I am a warden of freedom. Freedom is a blessing and a curse for all of us, as it means we have no steps to follow, but have to make a path of our own. This does not mean we cannot submit to others, but we have to recognize that this was our very own decision and will not take away our responsibility for our deeds."


Raven black fair hair falling almost down to her waist is framing a roudish dark skinned face with typical asian almond shaped jade green eyes a slightly knubbly snub nose and a full mouth with a dimpled chin. High cheekbones and her eyes combined that sun darkened skin of hers clearly show her mixed asian and amerindian heritage. Her ears are nearly invisible due to the veil of black hair, but if they show up it get obvious that they are pointed and together with her elongated but delicate 'tusks' prove that she's of robustus subtype. Her thick hair almost hides another feature as well, a datajack at her right temple. Her firm muscular body features the same dark skin and pleasing feminine curves. Relative small breasts for her subtype still provide a decent bust. She's quite small for her subtype too, merely 1.6m of height and probably no more than 70 kg of weight.

She is wearing a Camo jump suit with an Urban Camo patern. She decoreated it a bit with stickers to soften it's drab military looks. A large black leather belt emphasizing her hips, her feet sit in half knee high leather boots. A black leather collar, featuring the stitching of a silver moon on it with a sturdy silver ring attached to it, hugs her neck, a silver locket on a silver chain wound about it.

She has a kind of cheerfull aura surrounding her. Being able to inspire cheerfullness in the people around her a lot, while her motions have something of a hunting predator in their fluid grace. Most of the time she's seen laughing.

Distinguishing Features

A tattoo on her back, between the shoulderblades, displaying an artfully made Dreamcatcher.

Mannerisms and Habits

Very easygoing, loyal to friends and fiercely devoted to her mates.


Watchers, her little core family around the Decker Katral, the Samurai Ember and her kids, the Xue An Jin (Magical Group, adepts only)


Weeko is very versatile, since she left the Warrens she has been actively working on improving her magical capabilities as well as her scientific and cultural background. She has learned several languages. Her adept powers and her natural curiosity have made her a very versatile person, capable of many things, with and strong emphasis on Martial arts and Stealth.


Weeko is the the result of a Yakuza oyabun seemingly cursed with the wrong genes to produce human offspring with a high class concubine. Her mother was of amerindian heritage and thus could not accept the mans demand to kill her newly born ork child. Instead she gave it off to an orphanage. For some reasons unknown to the public Weeko fled the orphanage and grew up in the Warrens area of Denver, hiding from her father, tutored by the shaolin monk Lee Wu, who made her aware of her magical talent as adept. Weeko still had to fend for herself in matters of making a living, so she spend her early years with thieving, burglaring and street scamming. She has started a Magical group, the Xue An Jin, with some of her shadow friends, exlusively for adepts.

Preferred Run Types:

Weeko is a very versatile person, she embraces both magic and technology in a very efficient way. Still, there is things she is better at than other and there is things she would be definitely unwillig to do.


If you try to find an hit man Weeko is not your address, she will kill in self defense, she will kill to survive, she might even kill in one of the very rare occasions of her being in a killing rage. But she will not go out to coldly murder someone.

Bodyguard/Security Duty:

Not really Weeko's usual kind of work. She might be willing to run a loose curtain or be the unseen component of a protection team. But she will not be standing out in the open to catch bullets. Unless there is a damn very good reason to do something foolish as that.


Weeko grew up to this kind of work, she is still expanding her skill along that line and is even actively 'hosting' this kind of job to further causes she deems valuable. Some of those are simply to further her own needs.

Courier Run:

You can't see her, or stop her if she takes this kind of jobs, until the message or the item in question is delivered. As might be imagined she is not delivering bulky things this way, that's a smugglers job in her opinion. But if you want something small to be passed to your destination unnoticed Weeko is the one to ask.


Weeko is still learning the ropes of decking. She considers her skill by now as merely decent, but some day she hopes to reach Katrals level of skill and be able to ride the electrons as his equal.


If it includes direct exposal of herself: No go. If it means to simply cause havoc in the lines of oposition, Weeko is your choice. She will use her considerable magical and technological arsenal to make the others wonder what army has hit them.


Not usually her thing, she lacks real destructive skills as demolitions, so all she would be able to do was to deliver and 'explosive surprise' as this kind of mission is very close to Assassination due to the fact that people might simply die in an explosion, she is not eagerly accepting this kind of mission.


Weeko will not do this. It simply is against her morals. Moon maiden, her totem, is the protector of freedom and thus she is a warden of free will. Forcing someone to do something is out of the question.


She will do this if she is able to. It is not really her best talent as it basically means computer skill. But she is always up for a challenge.


Willing extractions yes. Unwilling extractions, no. Should she be hired to an unwilling extraction under the pretense that her subject was willing, she will leave her target decide and disappear without a trace if the target wants to stay.


As mentioned before, Weeko is still learning this line of work. She will try decently leveled jobs, though.


She will do that, as good as she can. Not her best side,but she is an open minded person, so she should be able to dig up some information at times.

Smuggling Run:

Weeko lacks the resources for real smuggling.


Will do this kind of work, especially if it means to locate items and maybe 'retrieve' them. If it means to find persons, it depends on the intend she can see behind this. She will be very wary about locating a person without having an idea why he or she needs to be located in the first place.

>>>>> [ Quiet and deadly when she needs to be. I'll trust her at my back any day of the week. ] <<<<<
— Eastwood 3:16 (08:15:54/02-12-70)

>>>>> [ Watch out. She's just a Warrens rat, uneducated and lacking in broad horizons. With some training, some actual hard training, she could be deadly. Ever since she had those kids though, she's lost her edge. She's got too much on her mind. Too much to lose. ] <<<<<
— NeverWhere (09:35:54/02-13-70)

>>>>> [ You think she's lost her edge? Try threatening her kids and see how long you survive. It's not that she's slowed down, it's that her priorities have changed. ] <<<<<
Eastwood 3:16 (14:21:11/02-13-70)

>>>>> [ Tusks has training in a variety of fields, and although not as polished as some like NeverWhere might desire, she has the right set of skills for certain missions. A definite part of a good toolkit, she can be counted on to slip in and out and remove threats or gather information without a sound. A stiletto is often more useful and subtle than a sledgehammer.] <<<<<
— Silk (05:14:00/02-12-10)

>>>>> [ She can be a very loyal friend, as long as you treat her the same. Just don't break her trust like I did. It's not pleasant.] <<<<<
— Tinman (13:34:00/02-13-10)

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