Name Walks-with-Spirits
AKA Walker, Steven Cooper
Nationality Ute
Metatype Elf
Archetype Shaman
Birthdate Sep 26, 2022
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"Seen it all before kid, and I'll see it all again."


With long blond hair, striking green eyes and a lightly muscled body approaching two metres in height, Walker is practically a walking stereotype. The only thing that stops him looking like something at a ren fayre is the fact that he's almost always dressed in a battered long coat and a pair of old, though well-maintained, boots.

Mannerisms and Habits

Generally good-natured, Walker greets most situations with a grin and his best attempt at a witty remark. He is occasionally given to periods of brooding, though he's always cagey as to why. When the drek hits the fan though, he gets real serious real quick.


Seen in a variety of areas of Denver, in particular the CAS and UCAS sectors, including the Warrens. Possible links to the Heather Garden Royals.


Magical healing, spell slinging, summoning, mind control if absolutely necessary. Budding socialite.


Not from Denver, and doesn't like to talk about his previous life that much. His appearance suggests Amerindian heritage and he can speak Ute, for all that means. Not much seems to phase him though, perhaps because he's been through the wringer a couple times in the past.

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>>> [I'm not sure where Walker is walking, or why he's walking there, but he's doing it in style. He's a reliable magic guy, good with spirits.]
- Judge (13:30:15/21-04-2080)
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