Name Vollo Talienkov
AKA Volkreid Koskov
Nationality Russian
Metatype Night One
Archetype Specialist/Bodyguard
Birthdate August 16, 2048
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"You think I look funny? You should see me dance."


This young male Night One is covered in a thin dark coat of fur that shifts with whatever type of light that hits it, like iridescent obsidian with strong highlights of violet and azure. His elvish features are the classic high cheek bones and tapered chin, coupled with a slightly broad slavic brow and large eyes. His ears a very long, swept back and pointed. The Night One's hair is a lighter grey color with faded blue and violet shades. He has heterochromatic eyes. The right eye is a cool grey, and the left is the same grey with an hourglass shape of amber brown, with hazel green highlights.

Distinguishing Features

The man's posture is upright yet relaxed, almost reminiscent of a dancer. His movement seems calculated without excessive waste of energy. He is quick to smile, but that doesn't always mean that he is happy.

Mannerisms and Habits

He is always playing chess programs on his pocsec.


Known to frequent Warrens establishments.


He is trained in martial arts and close combat weaponry including blades and pistols. He does most any kind of work but is choosy as the mood presents itself, preferring to trust instinct. He would rather get paid to do bodyguard work.



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