Name Eve Sinclaire
AKA Vixen James, Harley, Silverfox,
Slythe, Chameleon, Chammy
Nationality UCAS (Seattle)
Metatype Human
Archetype Samurai, Decker, Other
Birthdate August 16, 2045
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"It's better to live one day as a lion, than a hundred as a sheep."


Distinguishing Features

Caucasian human female with silver hair. Thin scar from left temple to chin.

Mannerisms and Habits

Vixen is known to be an accomplished artist. She teaches Tae Kwon Do at the Aurora Academy. She enjoys riding her Harley and prefers to drink beer and shots of tequilla.


She owns and teaches at Aurora Academy of Self Defense. She is known to hang out at the Cybered Arms. Vixen is well known among the Shadow Community of Denver, maintaining a reputation as a highly skilled runner. She is known to have maintained her independence from most organizations like the Mafia, but has close and reliable connections and contacts throughout Denver's various orgs and gangs.


She specializes in Security, Decking, Unarmed and Armed Combat - Perfect for infiltration and covert ops. - Electronics, car and bike b/r skills are strong and she is a Master Sculptor. Known to excel in intrusion and stealth.

Faces of Eve

Vixen took Denver by Storm when she arrived more than a decade ago. Barely legal and running from a haunted past, the woman was then known as Silverfox. She made a few important friendships in those early days; including Cash who would hone her budding Tae Kwon Do skill until her skills became par with his own. She would say that she's only been successful due in part because of the sacrifices her friends have made on her behalf.

Gradually it became apparent that all was not right with her world as her past slowly collided with her present. The fact that she suffered from a rare form of Multiple Personality Disorder strained her relationships and made life nearly unbearable for the silver haired runner. Her sisters, as Silverfox would call them, were known variously as Vixen - A tough as nails Street sam specializing in covert ops and close combat, The Chameleon - A matrix spawned personality who happens to be an extraordinary artist and a unabashed hedonist, Silverfox - a mechanic and also a martial artist who embraces the path of non-violence, Jadis - A cold hearted killer and assassin rumored to be possessed by a powerful dark spirit named the White Witch or Slythe. Other sisters have made brief appearances but these four have always been the ones most well known.

Her first claim to fame would happen barely a year after her arrival to Denver. With a little advance notice of a coming earthquake, Roadkill (a troll friend of hers) and Vixen were able to evacuate hundreds of Tinkers to safety before the earthquake brought down Tinker Town. They were burried alive but rescued by Cash and others. She opened up her home to the orphans of Tinker Town, until she could find the Tinkers a new home in the Under Ground, which would later also be called Tinker Town. Her and RK's bravery that day earned them the nicknames among Tinkers as 'The Savior of Tinker Town.'

Vixen has earned a reputation as a powerful street fighter. Even coming in second in an armed combat competition. She lost to Croc coming in second in the competition but claims he cheated. She later would travel to Korea to compete in the National Tae Kwon Do tournament and brought home to Denver the world championship. She claims a number of friendships and deep ties in the shadows.

Chammy also has a reputation beyond that of party girl. It's rumored by those that have worked with her that she's one of the best Deckers in Denver. Or at least she has one of the best decks. Regardless if the rumors are true or not, she knows a thing or two about the matrix and has the technical know how to break through almost any layer of security.

Recent rumors suggest that Vixen has become quite close with Paulino Luciano. The championship boxer is rarely seen outside her company or she away from his.

Vixen believes her greatest contribution to Denver however is in the skill of teaching self defense to the Sinless children and teens of Denver.

>>>>>[This silver-haired woman is probably the only one that could give Cash a run for his money in hand to hand combat. A master many times over, she shows skill in such a wide array of talents and skills that one wonders if the rumors are true, that she is part AI, shifting her mind and body to take on whatever job is necessary. A team all by herself, Vix complements whatever group she travels with.]<<<<<
- Silk

>>>>> [ She's been active in the shadows for the better part of a decade, and it shows. One tough-ass chica you can trust at your back any time. ] <<<<<
-Eastwood 3:16 (11:32:03/02-12-70)

>>>>> [ I have run with this woman before, and I must say that she is one of my favorite coworkers. Unfortunately, I have taken a break from my old team, but I miss her dearly. If not, the most. ] <<<<<
-Misses Mittens (09:35:09/02-14-70)

>>>>> [ Only man I've seen drop her in a fight was the Pulse himself, one night under the bridge: but that was almost three years ago, before his accident. Word is that she's part of his inner circle, too: and there's been rumor of a more personal connection between the two. ] <<<<<
-BoxingFan (18:24:33/02-26-70)

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