Name Viktor Hunt
AKA Chase
Nationality UCAS
Metatype ELF
Birthdate July 24th, 2045
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"Dandelion eaters? Gooks? Yea, I don't fuckin' much like 'em either."


Viktor's not your typical elf. First of all, it looks like he got swiped by a bear in the face and the top half of his right ear is lopped off. He's a shade under 6' tall and instead of lanky and scrawny, he's beefy and wide. He's got a full head of black hair cut short into a high and tight with a prominent widow's peak. His eyes are a clear brown and their almond shape betrays a hint of Asian heritage. His naturally dark tan skin plays along, further muddying this elf's racial composition. He's not very handsome, weather and worries having wrinkled his supposedly ageless brow and all too often he wears a scowl.

Distinguishing Features

Four parralel scars on his face starting from his cheek and running along the side of his head, cutting off the top third of his ear.

Mannerisms and Habits

Talking with his mouth full. Eating during a meet. Sleeping during the day. Watching people from rooftops. Killing.


Nobody likes Viktor much, but he's done some work with the likes of the venerable Chaz, the grumpy Aeon, and has a complicated history with Simone. He finds himself usually working with Critter, Thog, Dekkar and Criticalfault and doesn't much mind their company.


Punching. Shooting bullets, bigger bullets, and missiles. Sneaking. Killing.


None of the Shadowrunning community really knows much about Viktor's background. The elf was pulled from a hosed op in Sioux territory by a team of merciful Shadowrunners, their names lost now to time. Presumed KIA, Viktor set out into the shadow community, determined to find out who was responsible for the deaths of his unit. His inquiries have brought him in touch with many members of the UCAS government, including a shady Johnson who he believes has ties to the Company as well as information about his last mission.

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