Physical Attributes

Height: 1.6 meters
Weight: 49.9 kilograms
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Ethnicity: Caucasian

Mannerisms and Habits

She's brash and hot-tempered, but she doesn't seem to like physical confrontation. She's a habitue of Denver's cheaper club scene.


Her friend, Melinda Harris (who is not a known shadowrunner) looks after her daughter Jessamyn frequently, but she has no other known associations, being so new in town.


She is an inexperienced but talented decker working under the street name Shine. She is also capable of various investigation and face-oriented tasks, but she's absolutely no good in a physical fight.


Despite being born in Quebec, she grew up primarily in Texas, in the DFW metroplex. Her mother, from whom she was estranged since she was 16, was a somewhat well-known decker who was killed in Denver in late 2074, and she has no idea who her father is.

Her native skills with computers were reportedly not put to much use in Dallas, and nobody in the shadows from that area even knows her. The occasional low-level rumor from the DFW suggests she was a junkie, a grifter, a petty thief…street trash, basically.

Whatever the case, she has recently turned up in Denver, attempting to sell her services as a decker, and clearly looking to leave her troubled past behind her. While she has the talent, it's evident that she also comes with a lot of personal baggage that may not be helpful in the Mile High City's shadows.


>>>>> [ I had the opportunity to work with her briefly on a small job in the FTZ. She's hardly the most professional runner you'll meet, but she's willing to learn, it seems, and experience comes with time. ] <<<<<
-Nitro (12:13:59/08-11-75)

>>>>> [ I'm about 99% sure I saw this chick shaking it at Allure last time I was in Dallas. She's decking now, huh? Kind of a shame. ] <<<<<
-Vagabond (21:13:03/07-22-75)

>>>>> [ And just what were you doing there? ] <<<<<
—Princ3ss (22:17:13/07-22-75)

>>>>> [ Uh, I told you, baby, it was a business trip... ] <<<<<
—Vagabond (22:18:12/07-22-75)

>>>>> [ Got a real nasty drug habit, from what I hear. Reviews of her brief time in the shadows in DFW also aren't exactly glowing. I don't know. Caveat emptor. ] <<<<<
-Pinball (13:12:25/07-13-75)

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