Vegas Odds
Name Vegas
AKA Vegas Odds
Nationality CAS
Metatype Dwarf
Archetype Adept
Birthdate Feb 1, 1880
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"Something Vimes had learned as a young guard drifted up from memory. If you have to look along the shaft of an arrow from the wrong end, if a man has you entirely at his mercy, then hope like hell that man is an evil man. Because the evil like power, power over people, and they want to see you in fear. They want you to know you're going to die. So they'll talk. They'll gloat.

They'll watch you squirm. They'll put off the moment of murder like another man will put off a good cigar.

So hope like hell your captor is an evil man. A good man will kill you with hardly a word."

—Terry Pratchett, Men at Arms


Just a little above four feet tall, Vegas is above average height for a dwarf. He's built broad and is most often seen wearing a trench coat and broad hat. His sharp blue eyes peer out from under the brim of the charcoal grey hat and he's grown a beard in the months he's been here in Denver. A well trimmed Franz Joseph frames his craggy face. His beard and hair, when his hat is off, are mostly black with a few flecks of grey and grey patches at his temples. His eyebrows are thick, black and mobile, making his craggy and somewhat defaultly grumpy face very expressive. Most of the time these features are lit with an amber glow from the fat stump of a cheap cigar caught between his teeth.

His build, what of it you can see, is stocky and well trained. His hands are thick fingered and calloused and almost unnaturally quick with a pack of cards or stack of poker chips. His long coat is slick and well-made faux leather with a belt around the middle. Sturdy boots at the bottom and, hidden beneath his heavy coat, a surprisingly well tailored charcoal suit and blue tie.

Distinguishing Features

Few, other than his race, and he prefers it that way.

Mannerisms and Habits

Always seems to have just the end of a cigar. No one alive's ever seen him start or finish one.

Drinks regularly but never seems to get drunk.


Hangs around Mother's orphanage and the Souk a lot or finds time alone to drink at the rusting remains of the Historia Theme Park.


Stealth specialist and sniper. A growing anti-magic leaning.


Showed up last year, new and green, from Las Vegas. He doesn't discuss much why he left the Ute nation but avoids it when he can and charges extra for any trip there.

Has since blossomed in the rugged and cold environs of Denver, most often found wandering the Warrens if you can find him at all. Shows a curmudgeonly good-natured leaning, even if he's acerbic most of the time.

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