Full Name: Vanna Chase
Current Aliases: Pout
Birth Date: May 27, 2059
Citizenship: SINless
Metatype: Homo sapiens nobilis
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 1.65m (5'5")
Eyes: Blue
Noticeable Cybernetics: Chipjack (behind right ear)
Build: Curvy
Archetype: Face(?)
rating: 0+x

Word On The Street

  Streetwise 1-2:
    "Hol' up, that who you be askin' 'bout, bruv? That knife-ear joytoy? Yo, she a thoroughbred, yo, born for that shit. For real.
     She a chiphead too, even though she say she ain't. She a earner on the streets fo' sho' though. She be in my stable tomorrow, 'cept I don't
     want no beef with the Sinners. They be the set holdin' that slitch's leash bruv."

  Streetwise 3-4:
    "Dis girl? Yah mon, I know dis girl. Juss anudda keeb chiphead from de block, so ka? In de old days I seen her e'eryday 'round de burnout
     tenement up in de Souf Sunrise. She boost de wheels, eske ou konprann? No? Cars, mon, she steal cars! She okay at dis, too, yah? But
     dat be…four, mebbe five years 'go. I-and-I heard she be turnin' de tricks now, jus' like all de udder chipheads wit de booty, neh? Haha!
     Yahweh bless, she be nice girl before dis, you see? Is shame. 'ey…'ey, wait, she be dat piece dat gang be lookin' for, yah? Fah! Ake uhlukane
     nami, deh Sinners, mon, deh Sinners! Dey be lookin' for dis bitch. I-and-I not be talkin' 'bout dis bouzen no more wid you! Wete kò nou!"

  Streetwise 5+:
    "I know who you're talking about, yeah, but let's not ask any questions about why, okay? The Warrens isn't in our jurisdiction and we don't open
     case files on hookers. Let's just say she was a popular subject for some of our undercover gang unit guys to pump for information and leave it
     at that. I don't even know why you would be asking about her, honestly, she's just dime-a-dozen gutter trash. Started out boosting cars, ended
     up turning tricks. Nothing new or exciting there. The only wrinkle in the usual story is that I hear she's on the run from the Sinners now. It
     happens. Yeah, yeah, I know their rep. They like to present themselves like none of their girls ever get out from under their thumb, but that's
     just street shinejob shit. Plenty of them make a break for it every year. Most of them get rounded up, tortured to hell, and then put back on the
     corner, but some make it. She better hope she's one of them. She's valuable street property, so if they ever get their hands on her, she's
     gonna wish she was dead."

Word In The Shadows

  Shadowscene Players 3+:
    > > > [ I guess you could say I worked with her, sure. Every few months I like to have my fixer set me up with some entry-level milk runs just so
                I can scout out new talent, you know? See who among the up-and-coming-and-soon-to-be-dead might have some actual potential. The
                kind of jobs farmed out by some desperate first-time Johnson from some tiny Z-list local corp that nobody's ever heard of and who has no
                idea how to go about getting actual shadowrunners. The stuff we all started with, basically. The meet is in a bar, I'm not going to say which,
                just that it's not really upscale but it's definitely not a Warrens hole in the wall, either. This Pout girl is the last to arrive, and as soon as she
                walked in I started looking for the hidden tridcams to see what kind of prank reality show I was on. She comes in with these joygirl tatts,
                wearing this neon pink fishnet bodysuit with…ugh. I mean, she would have looked more respectable naked, I'll just say that, okay? She
                looked like she was showing up for a simporn shoot, not a run. Every guy in this bar is instantly staring at her for the rest of the night, which
                is totally great when you're trying to conduct a criminal meeting, right? Our poor Johnson is eye-fucking her so hard he forgets half of what
                he was supposed to tell us and accidentally gives us his real name at one point. But it doesn't matter because nobody except me is paying
                attention to what he's saying anymore. Anyway, I'll spare you all the details, but as soon as we left the bar to go plan this stupid little job it
                became obvious to everybody that the look wasn't some kind of cover and that she really is just a joygirl. She calls herself a razor but she
                can't throw a punch and she had no idea how to use the gun I let her borrow. We would have just cut her loose completely but she was actually
                useful in getting some info out of some Warrens guys while we were doing legwork, so we gave her a tiny cut of what we were supposed to be
                making but didn't let her anywhere near the actual run. I recommend avoiding her unless you need a good distraction or want to put in the time
                to train her up into something useful. ]
                                                    - Lady Pane (13:21:24/08-11-82)

Memorable Features & Traits

   * Pink hair!
   * Shoulder-to-knuckle full sleeve tattoo running up left arm.
   * Unfinished sleeve tattoo on right arm.
   * A small black heart beneath her left eye.
   * A small cat with nine separate tails inked in faded black high on her right outer hip.

Other Stuff
   * She was born in the Warrens but has a slight Southern accent.
   * She's shorter than average for an elf.


The Sinners - Enemy.

Plot Hooks

   Vanna is super new to the shadow scene and has almost nothing to offer to competent, established, professional groups of shadowrunners,
   but she is eager to learn and actively seeking out people who can teach her new tricks. She calls herself a 'razorgirl,' but she's got basically
   nothing to back that title up.

   Pretty much one of the few things Vanna's actually any good at is using her wits and wiles to charm her way through life. She's confident,
   even if she shouldn't be, of her ability to talk or flirt her way into or out of anything. She also knows a ton of people willing to do a favor or
   two for her.

   Another thing she's good at (or thinks she's good at) is stealing cars and bikes. She spent a lot of her teenage years making a living in the
   Warrens doing just that.

   Her older sister disappeared without a trace in the Warrens over five years ago. Vanna's convinced that she's still alive, but hasn't had the
   freedom or time to try and find her until now, and she's looking for people or businesses who have good connections to the Warrens or a lot
   of skill and experience investigating missing persons to help her.

   People with contacts in the Sinners street gang or with sufficiently high Gang Rumors or even Street Rumors skills would know that the gang is
   actively looking for a 'lost' (read: runaway) joygirl. They don't have the resources to search for her outside of the Warrens, but they're making
   it clear they'll reward anyone who can help them get their missing property back.


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