Name Valentina Lake
AKA Vanilla
Nationality CAS
Metatype Elf
Archetype Medic
Birthdate April 17, 2045
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A highly attractive elf in her middle or late twenties, very short for her race, and eye-catching in a number of ways. Her hair is rich and dark, a soft, deep brown, thick and silky — not to mention teased and layered to perfection as it hangs down to below her shoulders. Her flesh is gently tanned, as though she spent the perfect amount of time in the sun just today, as smooth and soft in its own way as her hair. Dark, thin eyebrows arch over striking, pale blue eyes that, despite her relative youth, apparent good health, and undeniable beauty, have more than a hint of the burned-out emptiness of the lost. Her lips are full and pouty, unable to keep from being inviting, glossed to a rich wet shine with candy pink, showing the flash of perfect white teeth or the glimmer of a tongue stud when they part. Despite her short height, she is blessed with curves that could make her famous, a tight, trim waist anchoring a clasically feminine hourglass appearance. Hints of a rich Southern drawl manage to make themselves known when she speaks, adding the final dollop of charm.

Distinguishing Features

She tends to dress in synthleather, and has multiple piercings, including a stud beneath her right eye. A full-sleeve tattoo crawls up her right arm.

Mannerisms and Habits

Anyone who knows what they're doing in the underworld of crime will know that Vanilla doesn't seem to. She's generally nervous around major players, though she does her best not to show it, and her naivete and inexperience often shine through in the sort of questions she asks. Something is driving her to stick with it, though.


None. Rumored past affiliation with Yamatetsu, though she doesn't look or dress like a megacorporate drone.


Unknown. Rumored to have once been a surgeon.


Details are sketchy, but people familiar with the streets of the Warrens are welcome to contact the player for local rumors.

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