Name Terrance Wu
AKA Steel
Nationality COUNTRY
Metatype ORK
Archetype SAMURAI
Birthdate Aug 4th, 2046
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"I'm not really sure whats going on, but I know that guy paid me."


The first thing that is noticeable about this figure is what is lacking. None of the tell tale signs of meta-variance are present, all flesh stripped away and replaced with two and a quarter meters of augmentics with a slightly orkish leaning build.. This figures face is feature less in the traditional sense, lacking a nose mouth and ears replaced by a smooth helmet with a pair of softly glowing red eyes resting in brushed aluminum sockets. The Helmet like head is in the form of that of a human with a strong jaw line,like a mannequin's face, with detail work in a inlaid gold running along the sides of the head. The rest of the body cuts a fantastic silhouette no longer shaped in a purely human fashion but molded into the top heavy broad shouldered idealized man. The figure has instead of skin a stretched red bioplas covering most of his body, secured in points with tungsten bolts in large plates of ceramic. There are no radical departures from the human form, no claws, tails or extra eyes, simply a larger then life sculpted look that in its own caricatured way is aesthetically pleasing.

Distinguishing Features

No face, completly augmented

Mannerisms and Habits

-Does not like elves


no available data


-stealth and infiltration work
-melee combat work
-cybernetic installation/removal/upgrades
-heavy lifting


no available data

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