Tsien Foo Leng
Name Tsien Foo Leng
AKA Son of the Heavens, Greater Earth Shaker
Nationality Mongolia, China
Metatype Human
Archetype Magician (Wu Jen)
Birthdate Feb 1, 1880
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"Ha! This situation is truly no suitable test for the Son of Heaven!"


Tsien is a tall, broad-shouldered, handsome human man of obvious Asian descent. The most remarkable thing is his golden skin — while still caucasoid, the man's skin still seems to take on a golden color, as if to remark that this man is special in some way. He is bald, though it only enhances his personal beauty. His brows are thin and dark, arching over dark eyes set astride a thin, hawklike nose above thin lips. His jaw is square and set, but his face has a smile upon it. His body is quite muscular, with a bodybuilder's muscles. an athlete's gait, and a martial artist's grace.

Distinguishing Features

Tsien Foo Leng is completely bald, though his eyebrows are dark in color. He affects no tattoos or tribal markings at this time. He is extremely well-built for a magician. His skin has an unusual golden tint to it.

Mannerisms and Habits

Tsien is usually cheerful and has a good sense of humor. Often he will refer to himself in the third person, as 'the Son of Heaven', or 'the Greater Earth Shaker' when he refers to his martial arts prowess.


None at present.


Accomplished magician with versatile, if somewhat limited, spell list. As a Wujen, summons elemental spirits. Master of Crane style, Dragon style and Shao Bang Kung Fu. Skilled in Geomancy.


Tsien Foo Leng was born in some province in Mongolia, as part of the People's Republic of China. On the day of his birth, his parents were confronted by monks of an obscure Shaolin-style temple who told them Tsien's birth was foretold as a great prophecy, and that the monks would take him and teach him all he would need to know.

Tsien was brought up believing that he was some sort of demigod in human flesh, treated with great reverence and honor by the monks of this temple. It was rather sheltered, to say the least. At least he developed a good sense of humor about all of it.

He was tapped by Wuxing as a security mage, but it became apparent that Tsien's sheltered upbringing led him to expect more entitlements than other personnel, and could not accept a corporate lifestyle. He was let go in the summer of 2068. Since then he has done shadow work for his Johnson, formerly his direct superior at Wuxing.

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