Name Trista Chapula
AKA Trista
Nationality CAS
Metatype Human
Archetype Physical Adept
Birthdate June 3, 2056
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At 5'6" and with an athletic frame, the woman before you appears to be quite youthful in appearance. Either in her late teens or early twenties, she has a natural, 'girl next door' quality, her hair cut into a bob that ends just above her shoulders, the color shifting smoothly between shades of blue and purple. Her eyes are an unusual purple/orange mix, while her nose is delicately shaped, resting above a small mouth with soft red lips. A tiny tattoo is placed off to the side of her left eye; three, grey, interlocking honeycomb shapes.

The woman is wearing a soft fabric, plain purple, scoop neck crop top, though manages to do so without being revealing; an inch or two at the top, an inch or two at the waist, only a hint of soft skin without giving too much away. A pair of comfortable blue jeans continue on from her waist, a black leather belt pulled tight to keep them secure, while a pair of purple and white running shoes protect her feet.

Over the top of her clothing, the woman wears a casually styled, black, faux leather jacket, the lapels raised up to the side of her neck. A pair of blue mirrored shades that match her hair color are also worn, though usually pushed comfortably up onto her head.

Distinguishing Features

When not in disguise, she has a small tattoo on her cheek and colors her hair blue.

Mannerisms and Habits

Professional but Friendly, Charismatic and Entertaining.


No known associates, but is on good terms with Gretchen.


Infiltration Expert. Skilled with Pistols, Unarmed Combat, Stealth and Interrogation. Basic Electronics and Computer Skills. Knowledge's allow her to fit in with Denver's High Society.


Trista had no idea where she was. A darkened room, a single bare light bulb hanging from the ceiling, cold and empty except for the steel chair she was bound to and the steel table that was in front of her. There was a massive troll opposite who had been asking question after question, occasionally she would be punched for not conforming to his requests, she was tired, cold, hungry, thirsty, sore, bloodied..

"Fine. You want to know? How far back shall I go? Childhood? My mother worked part time at a local diner, my father, well.. he was strict and worked for Aztechnology. It's in the name, Chapula. He was drafted here from Atzlan to work in the Denver offices, which is when he met my mother, she was working the diner even then."

The troll shifted, sat down on an equally cold steel chair, crossed his arms over his massive chest and huffed out a deep sigh.

"Bored already? I'm just getting started. From what I was told they had this whole romance love affair thing, he would go there every day and she came to know his order, had it ready for him before he arrived, all that romantic drek you see on the trid.."

The troll lifted a hand, rolled a finger in the universal gesture of 'move it along'.

"I had a sister once. I don't remember her, I was five, she was eight, I'm told we used to fight all the time. Mom was taking her to school and a truck came out of nowhere, sent the car spinning. Mom survived it, though she was in hospital for weeks, Amy though? She was too small, had loosened herself from her safety belt, she bounced around the car like a pinball."

Even made of steel, the chair creaked as the troll raised back to his feet, moved around toward her.

"Not the face, hey, come on, hit something else for a..". The massive fist connected with her jaw, stars flashed before her eyes. A cracking noise as she tested her jaw let her know she'd need some medical attention when all this was done.

"If you'd just give me TWO MINUTES..", her voice raising in anger at the troll. "It started at school. That's when it first happened. Now would you stop punching me and let me carry on? I'm co-operating here. Co. Op. Erating.", her voice seething with contempt.

The troll decided to try again and moved back to his chair, sitting himself down.

"That sister thing? That's about as interesting as it got, I had a normal life like everyone else, until I'm joking around with some friends at school. I'm, what? Twelve? We're mocking one of the teachers, trying to mimic her voice, 'Miss Chapula, are you paying attention back there?!'. That's how it should have sounded, just me pretending to be a teacher. Instead it sounded like this, 'Miss Chapula, are you paying attention back there?!'.". The second time her voice completely changes to that of an old woman with a French accent.

The troll raises an eyebrow at that, finally she's piqued his interest.

"That's how my friends looked at me too, the first time it happened. I thought it was just a fluke, you know, like I'd just landed on the right tone or something? But my friends were like, hey, do Mr Adams, or Mrs Braithwaite, and I'd do it again and again. Male voices, female voices, kid voices, everyone."

Settling down to listen, the troll crossed his arms again, started to pay more attention to what was being said.

"You ever see that cartoon when you were a kid? The one where the boy calls that bartender on the phone as if he's looking for someone? 'Amanda Hugginkiss?! I'm looking for Amanda Hugginkiss?'. That's the sort of thing we started doing, but more mischevious. Some of it was really cruel, thinking back, like taking one of the mean girls voices and calling her parents, telling them she'd been kidnapped.."

The troll gives a little huff of amusement. Cruelty amused him.

"And so that's where all this started. I fell straight into doing bad things with my abilities, not even a second thought. There was a moment I nearly switched, but I'll come to that, let me get to the whole face thing first."

"Before that though, when I started doing voices, I got really smart. I used to be so bored of reading, it took ages to get through a book, but suddenly I'm picking them up and reading a hundred page novel in ten minutes. Not only that, but I'm remembering every damn word too. Every. Word. You can imagine what that did for my school grades, right?"

The troll gave a brief nod, though didn't seem particularly interested in that part.

"So the face thing. It's not just the face, by the way, it's the hair, the skin, everything but the eyes. The eyes were a dead giveaway, if you were paying attention."

"I'm what now? Thirteen? It's true, us girls have hormones too, I had a major crush on this boy in my grade, but he had a thing for the 'pretty girl' in school. You know the type, they're always popular. Well, she already had a boyfriend, so that wasn't happening for him."

The troll started to fidgit, she was losing him already, he rolled his fingers into a fist.

"Anyway, the pretty girl, Eliza, has a birthday party, and we're all invited. I know she doesn't want me there so I'm at home, moping, looking into the mirror wishing I was her so Todd might notice me. And there I am, watching my face shift and my skin tone lighten, my hair even went from brown to blond. Lucky we had the same hair length, really. It didn't hurt, it felt as natural as.. I don't know, using the toilet?"

"So I'm now looking like Eliza, I'm freaking out because I can totally pull this off if I'm careful, I even have the voice down to perfection. I just lack the clothes, she had way more expensive tastes. The party is at her place, Todd is at her place, everyone is at her place, so that's where I go. There's a party going on so the doors are all open, getting in was no problem, so I sneak up to her room to change into some of her clothes."

"I'm there, digging through her drawers and closet when I get this sense. It's like, I can feel people moving about, and one of those people are coming straight toward her room. I rush over and hide behind the door, so when it opens they can't see me, right? I don't know what the hell she was thinking, it was only her fourteenth and she's bringing her boyfriend up to her bedroom. Anyway, she tells him to wait outside while she changes into something more 'comfortable'."

"In she walks, the door closes, she doesn't see me. The plan worked, but now I'm stuck, what am I supposed to do? I don't know, I'm there thinking what to do when she turns around with this flimsy little nightdress in her hands and spots me."

"Well, that could have gone really badly, if I didn't completely freak her out by looking exactly like her. The nightdress dropped from her fingers and she hit the floor about the same time it did."

"Hearing the thud, her boyfriend is now knocking on the door, asking if she's alright, I call out that I'm fine, in Eliza's voice of course, tell him I just dropped something, I'd be right out. Meanwhile, I'm dragging her unconscious body over to the walk-in closet.".

The troll, not really wanting to hear this, is still intrigued by the story and seems to be relaxing as time goes on.

"So anyway, I calm myself down, this still has to happen, I've come this far so I'm not giving up and going home now. I undress her..". Trista pauses for a moment, tries to move her arms but finds them still bound. "Let me just point out, that was REALLY unpleasant, but I needed to be wearing the clothes they'd already seen her in."

"I've had to do that way more than I'd like to since then, but back to the story.. I'm all dressed up as her now, I look like her, sound like her, even spray on a little perfume so I smell like her. Perfect! And out the door I go, straight into her dumb jock boyfriends arms. He goes to kiss me and I push him off with an, Eww, as if! And off I go, down the stairs in search of my Todd. The boyfriend is following along, of course, asking what was wrong, but I couldn't care less."

"I find Todd in the living room, half drunk, he looks at me with these adoring eyes that I could only ever wish for in my normal appearance, but I'm taking full advantage of it. I walk up to him, take away his beer cup, place it on the table, then pull him in for this monster of a kiss. I hear gasps around me, everyone stops and stares, Eliza's boyfriend's jaw almost hits the floor at the sight."

"I don't know how long that kiss went on for, but it was a good one, but then all hell broke loose. The boyfriend is pulling him off me, they start fighting, glass smashes, girls scream, boys cheer on either side and out of the corner of my eye, I see Eliza coming down the stairs in a dazed state, still in the underwear I left her in! At least she had the decency to pull on that nightdress, not that it helped much."

"Time to go, I slip away in all the chaos and on the way out I hear Eliza screaming for everyone to stop. I wish I was there to see what happened next, but I was gone, still wearing her clothing and her face."

"Things at school got weird after that, Eliza was officially freaked out and talking about dopplegangers, Todd had a black eye for a week and was confused as Eliza wanted nothing to do with him, the boyfriend became an ex-boyfriend, friendships broke down, the kiss became the rumor of choice for a good few weeks. It seemed my weird abilities had a lot of power to change things."

The troll puffed out a deep sigh, he was starting to get bored again, stretching his arms out he cracked his fingers and looked at her expectantly.

"Not the face again. Look, this is needed so you know how I got to where I am now, or you'll just be asking more questions about who and why and..". Trista lets that fade. "So if you'll let me carry on..?".

The troll crossed his arms again, watched and listened.

"Right, so my abilities can make changes, but you have to be really careful or it comes back to haunt you. That's something I learnt the first time out. I had Eliza's clothing, which was fine, I burnt those, but she also had mine where I had left them. Lone Star were called, DNA tests were done on the clothing, hell, her family had more than enough funding to get it all done, then we have officers knocking on our door. 'Why was her clothing in the room?', 'How did they get there?'. I said Eliza had taken them on purpose as a prank. I didn't tell them the real story. The officers went away to perform some more investigations.".

"You know I said a minute ago, how I'd get to the bit about almost changing my ways? This is it. My father pulled me aside in private, sat me down, and made me explain what was going on. He was a scary guy, he had this aura about him, like, if you lie to me you're not going to like what happens."

"So there I am, crying and bawling, telling him how I changed my face and broke into her place and that I was kissing boys and had her voice and could sense her coming to the room.. everything came out of me in a flood, and I was apologising, I'm so sorry daddy, I was saying, I'm so sorry. I almost felt sorry too, I could have changed for the better right there, if he didn't do something else with the knowledge."

"He was pure Aztechnology. The corporation came first, even above his family, so he made a call to someone in power. Someone wanted to speak to me, they would help me focus and control my abilities, bring more out of me than the school could. With my enhanced learning, he said, I needed to be somewhere with better resources."

"That was the last I saw of any of my friends. Everything before that point was no more, I was basically starting over, I was moved to an Aztechnology training site, very hush-hush, show me a map and I can pinpoint the location for you if you're interested."

The troll shook his head, spoke for the first time, "Later.", a rough rumble of a voice.

"So I met a woman, very business-like, I never did catch her name but I only met her the once, she welcomed me to the business and wished me luck in my coming ventures. The training site reminded me more of a barracks than a school, they even had martial arts training and a firing range."

Trista gave a nod toward the troll, he had a bruise on his chin, "You might remember I trained in Tae Kwon Do while I was there.", though he was looking a lot better than she was. "They focused me in on corporate and high society classes, like art, music, literature, corporate information, and had me take a performing arts class to teach me to be an actress. I didn't understand what they were doing originally, I thought they might be preparing me to be a new sim starlet, you know, with the changing voice and appearance I could fit a variety of roles.".

Even with her arms bound, she manages an unknowing shrug. "I was still a kid, I didn't even know they had corporate hitmen or spies, but yeah, that's what they were creating me to be. They had magical tutors there too. I mean, of course they did, it's Aztechnology, but that really helped with my abilities. I had them under control in no time and even learnt a few others. You saw how fast I could move? I was twice as fast before they removed my eyes."

"That happened when I was sixteen, almost seventeen. Like I said before, the only problem with my abilities were my eyes, they always looked the same, so they wanted to fix that and also add a few extras while they were there. They were specialists, I mean, I had no worries about losing too much magical power. They knew I'd lose some, it turned out it was the speed that went rather than the appearance. I shudder to think what they would have done if that ability was the one to go."

"And the eyes were great, once I got used to them, I can do anything with them.". While staring at the troll, Trista's eyes slowly shift through all the colours of the rainbow, become a yellow smiling face, before returning to normal. "Pretty wiz, huh? When you can do that and change the rest of your appearance too, you can be anyone you want.".

"So that was their plan. The first mission came when I was eighteen, they said I'd had enough training and now I was to go out there and put the training into practice. I had to steal some information from a private office owned by Renraku, which was fine, I'd learnt Japanese along the way so.."

"Obviously I wasn't going to sneak in there like some Shadowrunner under the darkness of night. No, I was going to do it in full view of everyone. They'd already captured the secretary who worked under the manager of the office, so I took her appearance, sat with her for a couple of hours to learn her mannerisms and her way of speaking - a little knowledge in psychology and acting goes a long way when you're trying to be someone else - found out her daily routine, who would be interested in talking to her, you know, all the little things I'd need. Then I went to work, using her appearance, her voice, her clothing, her passcard."

"Along with the eyes, I'd been given a compartment in my fingertip for storing tiny things, like optical chips. That's where the stolen information went, a half day of pretending to be someone else, then I faked being ill and returned to the training site with a successful mission completed."

The troll stood up, hearing this, moved around behind her and crouched down to look at her hands. "The second one in, right hand..", she explained, ".. no, the other right hand.", she further explained. "Twist and pull.". The troll stood and threw a fake fingertip onto the table, then showed an optical chip he had taken from the compartment.

"We is done now.", the troll stated, reaching into his coat to pull out a very large pistol, pointing it at her head. With a chuckle, Trista replied, "That's one of my blank ones. No, seriously, check it out.".

The troll stood in indecision for a moment, then huffed and pulled a chipreader from his pocket, slotted the chip. No data found. The pistol is returned to its holster and the troll slowly moved back around to his steel chair which creaks again as his massive weight rests upon it. Trying hard to resist exploding into unbridled rage, he shivers as he settles back to continue listening.

"You done? Here I am telling you my life's story and you're pointing a fraggin' gun at me. Where's the appreciation?". It probably wasn't wise to rile him up any further, he sat upright, as if he was going to rise and start smashing again.

"Okay big guy, okay. Where was I? Ah, the first mission completed.", Trista nods to herself. "That was the first of many missions, some were the same sort of thing, others were to plant information, when I got better at acting I even became someone else to start spreading false rumors throughout rival companies. And then there was the wetwork."

"Now, pretending to be someone else and cause chaos with it is fun, but using it to get close enough to someone just to put a bullet in them? Not so much. I mean, I'm trained, you've seen me shoot, I can knock the wings off a butterfly from a hundred feet, but I prefer to use rebound rounds to clean up a worst case scenario, I only load the real rounds when I absolutely have no choice. So, yeah, wetwork really wasn't my thing."

"After the first one, I became.. numb, I guess. Going in, I thought it would be easy, just like the trid movies, a splatter of blood and a neatly crumpled corpse, but you know, killing someone is different than the movies. It feels different, the bodies don't fall like that, the blood and the smell.", a shake of her head.

"I did two more and that was it, I refused after that. The last one was the worst, I had nothing with me, I had to act as if I was this mans girlfriend, get him vulnerable and away from his bodyguard, then put a bullet in him. The bodyguard went everywhere with him except the bathroom and the bedroom.. I think you can imagine where this is going."

"I guess we had similar physical 'attributes', as he didn't question my appearance. When it was over and he was sleeping, I took the hold-out pistol from the compartment in my arm, placed a pillow over his head, put the barrel against it and pulled the trigger. I mean, for a few hours there, that man loved me, we were intimate..".

The troll again rose to his feet, but with a mental command Trista saved him the trouble. A compartment on her arm raised and slid back and a mini-toolkit fell out onto the floor. "Just my electronics kit, big guy.". He still took the time to examine both the kit and the compartment before settling himself back down.

"And so here I am. Once I reached twenty one I was able to leave the school, they gave me a handler, you'd know them under the name Johnson, someone who could contact me to push work from Aztechnology my way. I had been paid well, I had a comfortable life, I wasn't in any danger as my real SIN was removed the moment they took me on, replaced with a fake. You want to know what's even better? The Johnson? That's my father. They figured I'd be more comfortable with someone I knew."

"And so I do freelance work now, too. Which is how I'm here.".

The troll shifted, his massive frame rising, a look of confusion on his face.

"You see, you should be asking yourself about now, what was all this history for? Well, you remember earlier I mentioned I could sense people moving? I've been sensing that for the past ten minutes while we've been talking, my team are coming through that door just about..".

An explosion rocked the room, the door blown off and three armed figures entering the room swiftly and precisely. Before the troll even has time to react, his body is peppered with bullets, his large frame swaying before thudding heavily onto the table and coming to rest. ".. now.".

"You took your time.". Trista said to the new arrivals, "I was running out of things to talk about.".

"Yeah, sorry 'bout that Trist', a lot of containers outside, had to get the right one.". A large man in security armor and wielding an assault rifle walked over to her, pulled out a knife and cut the ties from around her arms. "You still got the data?"

Rubbing her wrists briefly, Trista took a moment to gather up her things, placing the mini-toolkit back in her body compartment, the blank chip back into the fingertip compartment, the fingertip back to her finger. "Of course.", she replied, reaching into her mouth to pull out a tooth and remove an optical chip from it. Placing the tooth back, she handed the chip across to the man in the security armor.

"Looks like we're getting paid.", he replied, taking the chip and storing it away in his body armor, "Good job Trist'. Sorry 'bout the capture, we didn't expect such a heavy response."

"Null persp. Let's get out of here, you owe me pizza.", she replied, heading out the door.

"Wait, how the frag do I…", the man replied, his voice fading out as the team leave the cargo container.

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