Name Gabriel Micheal Torrent
Nationality UCAS
Metatype Human
Archetype Adept
Birthdate March 14, 2046
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Mid-20s, human, brown hair, green eyes, a little stubbly.
Torrent is average build and height for his race.

Distinguishing Features

Torrent's most distinguishing feature is that he's always in a suit. Not so much to look like corporate muscle, just because he likes to walk around in a bit of style.

Mannerisms and Habits

New to running and the bar scene. Mostly a curious cautiousness to the new things he encounters. He likes to be charming but he's just started refining his graces. He would rather resolve things with words, if he can. If words don't work, he'd prefer a good plan of action rather than rushing in head first. Although, Torrent knows that the shadows sometimes require less elegant approaches and will require times to shoot first. He used to be very eager to rely on his skill in his guns, but he's become more timid with gun fights after many close calls.


The Bats (ShadowTeam: Founding Member)


Pistol Adept
Enchanting (just learning)
Edged B/R (just learning)
Etiquette (just learning)


Torrent is the little brother of an old Denver runner, Micheal Torrent. When he found out his big brother was
killed in Denver, he packed his bags and came to the Mile High City to try and discover what happened.

Torrent grew up in a small farming town. His parents were small time farmers (think ma' and pa' Kent). His home was full of animals, but he took a special affinity to the dogs. In his teens he discovered that he actually had a magical ability (physad). Around the time of his magical discovery, his brother showed up. Younger Torrent never knew he had a brother. He was set up for adoption when his birth parents were wrapped up in the hazards of running and pirating in the Caribbean. Big Brother Torrent, however, found his sibling and started to teach him in the ways of the shadows.

Torrent went to college and started on the road of being a regular corporate drone. When his brother was discovered to be murdered, Torrent dropped everything and vanished from his home life. He used his brother's old contacts to get a good footing in Denver.

While in Denver he has gone on a couple of runs and he's started to grow as his own person.

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