Thistledown Feldspar
Name Thistledown Feldspar
AKA TD, T-Down, Mr. Down
Nationality NAN
Metatype Human
Archetype Flirt
Birthdate Unknown
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"There are not words in this language or any other to adequately describe your beauty, thus I can only describe my appreciation of it."


This young human could pass for twenty. He stands a good bit shy of two meters (5'11") while his well defined muscles make him appear taller and lend presence he could easily be described as willowy. His slender frame is topped by a shock of bright green hair, styled into a multitude of short soft spikes the tips dyed bright purple darkening to black at the very ends. His skin is very fine, unbelievably smooth with no blemishes or scars without even a hint of stubble or hair on his cheeks and chin. His lips are thin but well defined and expressive, rarely at rest, they telegraph his every emotion. His nose is well formed but looks plain framed by his eyes. He looks out on the world through a pair of brilliant green eyes so bright they appear to fluoresce. The pupils look as though two cats eyes have been crisscrossed to form an X shaped iris.

Distinguishing Features

It's all about the hair.

Mannerisms and Habits

If he's not flirting, he's not breathing.


He does not appear to belong to any group or association, possibly because no-one seems to take him seriously (not even himself).


Few to none.

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