The Wall
Name Kenneth Marx
AKA The Wall
Nationality UCAS
Metatype TROLL
Birthdate Jul 17, 2033
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"Mama Dorris always says treat the ladies right. Unless they're coming at you with an axe, then smack some sense into them."


Kenneth Marx, appropriately nicknamed 'The Wall', is tall troll who looks something like nine feet tall, with muscle to back it up. He's got his straight, black hair, speckled with grey, grown long to his upper back, and tied up in a tail in order to keep it from obscuring his vision. He has a dark color to his skin, and brown eyes, a pair of tusks jutting from his mouth, and ram's horns curling from his temples. Typical troll.

The troll was built with bulk to spare for at least three men, almost pure muscle across his body, from his chest to his arms and legs. He was big. He typically wears a black t-shirt is snugly laced across his muscled chest, with a leather jacket on top of it. He's got a pair of dark jeans, loose enough to allow movement without feeling restricted, and a huge pair of black boots.

Distinguishing Features

He's a troll, for one. Out of his visible cyberware, his right arm is the most obvious, as it has a custom finish consisting of engravings replicating the tattoos he had on that arm. One of the engravings says 'I <3 My Mama'.

Mannerisms and Habits

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Kenneth Marx was a problem child back in the day. He was orphaned years ago, never knowing his birth parents, nor did he care to. In an effort to get attention for himself, he caused a lot of trouble for people, engaging in minor criminal activity as a teenager, and being a troll he was able to get away with it due to his sheer size and strength, and got passed around from one foster home to the next with no expectation of behaving.

That was until he was taken into the care of Dorris Kelso, a woman of strong personality and conviction who wouldn't put up with any of Kenneth's nonsense in her house. She didn't expect him to grow up and become a successful lawyer or anything, but she expected him to have a sense of decency and ethics, and he does, thanks to her. Mama Dorris even sent Kenneth to a boxing gym in order to put his strength to something a bit more constructive than criminal activity. Kenneth would be lying if he said she wasn't the most important lady in his life.

Even after joining the army to make something of himself, and becoming a 'Runner years later, Mama Dorris would always accept him home.

Kenneth joined the UCAS Army at the age of 21, where he learned a great majority of everything he knows. It was quite quickly determined that he excelled in the use of firearms rather than tactical or demolitions, which wasn't bad, but seeing that he was a troll the army made sure he had extensive heavy weapons training, just because he was that damn big. It was in the army that Kenneth picked up the nickname of 'Kenny the Wall', or just simply 'The Wall', not only because he was a troll, but also because of his ability to absorb much of the recoil from firing those guns.

Kenneth served two tours of duty while he was in the army, nine years in total, both times sending him to Iran, what was left of it anyway. He got along quite well with the locals, taking the opportunity to learn Farsi while he was there, and had gotten quite good at it. Kenneth was also promoted to corporal before his tour was over. It was during his second tour of duty that he met an Iranian soldier named Maz Ahmadi, with whom he made fast friends with.

It was however during this tour that Kenneth and Maz's squads, while on patrol together, got ambushed by a local uprising. Though the attack was quashed quickly, several were injured, including Kenneth and Maz who got caught in the blast of a grenade. Kenneth managed to recover and carry Maz back to safety, but they had lost limbs as a result, Kenneth's right arm was blown off, necessitating the need for him to get a Cyber-Arm replacement.

Though Kenneth was awarded honors for his service to the UCAS Army, Kenneth returned home to his Mama Dorris, somewhat disheartened by his inability to contribute to society. It wasn't long before he discovered that his Mama had been having rent troubles for the past few years. This coaxed him back into a criminal life in order to provide for her, by doing the only thing he knew how to do: shooting things.

With what savings Kenneth had left, he acquired a new cyber-arm to replace the one he had lost while in the army, and proceeded to work as a gun for hire, calling himself 'The Wall' after his army nickname. Criminal types are always looking for good muscle, and Trolls are the best, but he was a good shot on top of that. Using the skills that he acquired in the army, he took job after job, everything he could and fighting to survive in order to continue providing for his Mama Dorris.

He traveled across the country from Denver to Detroit to Seattle and back, and over the years he met new people, and got his body increasingly enhanced with each successful job. He knows quite a few arms dealers now, and quite a few Shadow runners, and it's been quite a romp. Now at the age of 36 he's back in Denver. He's ready once again to hire himself out.

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