The Croc

Shadow Profile for El Cocodrillo

Name Javier Raul Cabero
AKA The Croc, El Cocodrillo
Nationality Aztlan
Metatype Troll
Archetype Samurai
Birthdate Not Young
rating: +3+x

"Some men just want to watch the World Burn."


The Troll before may once have been handsome, or might have grown into that way: but now there's no chance. His Hispanic features are covered in scars, giving him practically a second skin of coppery-toned, calloused flesh: age lines are starting to appear around his mouth and the corners of his eyes, whispering stories of a long life hard-lived. Tiny, heavy-browed dark eyes glare out at the world, their whites tinted strangely green: his lips are separated almost into different pieces, his tusks chipped and bloodstained and tipped with bloodstained steel. His black hair, flecked with white, is worn long and in dreadlocks that drag down his back, and his horns curl out from them, as chipped and burnt as the rest of him as they slide downwards, framing the side of his head in vicious curves.

The Big trog is dressed for a showman's fight. He wears a massive midnight greatcoat of incredibly fine fiber, its usual hood removed: and while the coat is worn down to his knees, it's usually worn open to frame the massive torso underneath. Form fitting armor and a thin vest strewn with metal plates barely fit across the troll's massive barrel-chest, studded with countless scars from blades, bullets, and burns. He wears thick brown leather pants and massive, steel-shanked boots- while around his waist is a belt made of leather thongs and a network of finger bones, dozens of them covering all humanoid sizes. Around each of his forearms is a sheath of crocodile hide, blood-spatered but still polished to a grim shine. For the fight, his dreads are pulled into a tattered ponytail, and a massive necklace of fangs and fingerbones is worn dangling beneath his scarred throat- which looks like its been cut more than once.

Distinguishing Features

Croc is… not an attractive troll. Chipped teeth and tusks, beady little eyes with a bit of green in the cornea… nothing pretty here at all. Often wears a necklace made of fingerbones.

Mannerisms and Habits

Violent. Rude. Antagonistic. Hates white people, humans, and the establishment, and mexicans, in that order. Uncompromising and greedy, there are very few people who would spend a lot of time with the Croc on a non-professional basis. Widely reputed to be a cannibal, Croc is rapidly becoming considered one of the most unpleasant beings to be around in the Denver metroplex. But if you want a runner who will get things done against impossible odds regardless of the apparent morality? Croc gets done what others fail at or balk at attempting.

>>>>> [Smarter than he normally lets on, and fairly streetwise when he doesn't let his ego or temper get the better of his common sense. Should be interesting to see whether he wises up before the former two get him killed...] <<<<<
-Eastwood 3:16 (12:16:21 12/30/70)

>>>>> [Smarter than your average Trog, which makes him all the more dangerous. Brutally dedicated to... something. Deadly at a distance, but don't rely on his melee skills, he can't fight in a brawl for drek.] <<<<<
-The Black Cat (05:49:57 02/03/71)

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