Name Temple
ALIASES Priest, Prophet
AKA Mark Church
Philip Donovan
Gideon Thomas
Simon Groves
Nationality British
Metatype Homo Sapiens Sapiens
Archetype Hermetic Mage
Birthdate April 18, 2037
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"Pray, think well of we English. We have the most rigid code of immorality in the world."

General Information


About 6 ft tall, this norm male is broad-shouldered and appears to be in trim but not muscular. His hair is cut short, and his face lightly dusted with stubble. The breeze carries a hint of his aftershave: an imported brand. The man's green eyes are often hidden behind a pair of silver wire-rimmed sunglasses with reflective round lenses, and as he turns his head to look about the area, they reflect the light in a flicker of white. He appears to be in his early thirties.

While he tends to dress in corporate styles, he lacks the nervous tension or arrogance commonly seen on a wage slave found outside of comforting business surroundings. Instead, he seems relaxed and observant, an easy self-confidence on his face that doesn't cross the line into supercilious disdain. A slight bulge to every coat he wears, beneath his left arm, probably conceals his pocket secretary.

Distinguishing Features

  • Distinct British accent in Received Pronunciation
  • Often wears silver jewelery with incised geometric decorations
  • Often carries a briefcase
  • Usually dressed in expensive suits and similar outerwear, even when not entirely appropriate

Mannerisms and Habits

As submitted by others

  • Corporate
  • Rigid
  • Arrogant
  • Charming
  • Disciplined
  • Verbose
  • Fastidious
  • Ruthless


Temple? Oh, yeah. What I've heard is that he's moderately generous, to some extent resourceful, somewhat hard-working and to some extent rational. But I also heard that he's just a little cruel and a bit arrogant. I mean, he's got some promise. But overall, he's somebody who tries to do the right thing. That's all I know.

Dependable: 4 Cruel: 1 Tough: 1 Honorable: 4
Arrogant: 1 Hard-Working: 5 Rational: 5 Generous: 5
Resourceful: 5

Shadow Scene Information


  • Temple is known to associate with an elven runner known as Badb, often working in partnership.


  • Temple is known to be a hermetic mage, with skills around mind influence.


  • Temple is known to have recently arrived in the city from the Far East.


>>>>> [ Yāt louh pìhng ngòn, my friend. I fear it'll be a long time before we meet again.] <<<<<
-Liu Bai (12:55:02/08-09-72)

>>>>> [Steady under pressure, and even when the world's ending and the bullets are flying he's still getting out wry quips. Good at leading from the front. But he's tolerant to a fault, and I mean that. The middle of a job is not the time to coddle everyone's eccentricities and foibles! Sometimes the leader's job is to tell his troops to sit still and shut up.] <<<<<
-Glimmer (22:11:06/03-9-72)

>>>>> [I heard this man's been dead for some time. Prove me wrong] <<<<<
-Henry Knox (12:33:21/05-19-75)


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Stories from the South Asia Shadows

This are stories from background provided for OOC entertainment. Please don't use this information IC without asking me.

A Priest and the Clerics Tale: Dancing Along Corridors

A Priest and the Clerics Tale: A Linear Sequence of Scares

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