Name Trixie Jo Benson
AKA TJ, Violet, Vexy
Nationality CAS
Metatype human
Archetype Rigger, Fire Support, Recon
Birthdate Oct 17, 2047
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"Hey, does this rag smell of chloroform to you…?"


She is a sportive-slender woman of 5'5 that at first glance would look in her mid-twenties. Her shoulder-length hair is a colourful spectacle of bright blue with magenta streaks, worn open, so it loosely covers her shoulders and hides parts of her face as she moves. Still, every now and then, her human-shaped ears peek through, as does the silvery gleaming datajack behind her right ear. From her rear, a three-foot long, smooth tail with a spade-like tip emerges, playing around her legs when she walks or stands. The skin of her face is seems almost unnaturally smooth, giving her a slight doll-esque impression and making her vibrant violet eyes seem all the more intense.

Distinguishing Features

  • short.
  • dollesque face
  • clothing style varying. skin tight to overly baggy.

Mannerisms and Habits

  • helpful until you piss her off
  • sometimes slightly blatant
  • moody
  • unafraid to pick fights with bad outlook
  • known to keep her word. In good and in bad. "I am going to hurt you" actually means just that.


  • Friendly relation to the Lucciano family.


  • cars, helicopters, recon- and support-drones
  • pistols genius. When it comes to firing or building those nasties.
  • well familiar with warrens turf and people there
  • pistols. really.


She's grown up between orphanages and the warrens, knows the turf and people and the way to keep your head between your shoulders in all that drek. In the past, she's disappeared for some stretches of time on a few occasions, came back a little tougher than she seemed before, and with a few more quirks and often some more body mods. Not sure what the hell they put her through, but it sure was some tough shit.

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