Name Mina Tahn
AKA Tanuki
Nationality Chinese / Hong Kong
Metatype Human
Archetype Raccoon Shaman
Birthdate October 1, 2059
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This is a petite woman of Chinese ancestry, standing five feet tall, with a slender build. Her hair is black and long, and is pulled back into a high braided ponytail that hangs down past her shoulders, a strip of blue ribbon with gold thread embellishment is woven into her braid add contrast to the black. Her face is quite attractive by conventional standards, with vibrant green eyes, decorated by dark eye shadow to give an almost mask like look. Her face is further decorated a small hoop piercing through her left nostril, and she wears several earrings in her ears with an assortment of tribal themes to them, a carnivore tooth, a small feather, as well as more traditional small hoops.

Distinguishing Features

  • Tribal piercings and jewelry
  • Shamanic fetishes
  • Fabulous scarfs
  • Green Eyes
  • Her hooded long coat

Mannerisms and Habits

  • Tanuki is quite curious, almost too curious for her own good.
  • She likes to cook, can can sometimes be found scrounging for ingredients or visiting the local markets.
  • Often tries her best to stay clean, well bathed, and presentable.


  • The Sinners: Tanuki occasionally hangs around with members of this gang, doing little bits of work or favors in exchange for information or services.
  • Spiritual Wellness Center: Tanuki is a member of the Spiritual Wellness Center, who is only a recent arrival, but has put in frequent hours volunteering at the center.


  • Tanuki has a natural affinity and interest in Spirits of the City, often employing them over other spirits.
  • She is fairly well connected in the area for someone relatively new to the city, making friends fairly easily.
  • She has a variety of spells, but puts a special emphasis on spells of Manipulation.


Mina Tahn was born in the city of Macau, a hub for mercenaries, smugglers, and pirates across the river estuary from the city of Hong Kong. Mina's father was a North American mercenary named Jared Schroeder, in the area doing assorted work, her mother Yuki was a bar girl in one of Macao's many bars specialized in taking the money of the assorted visitors to the city.

Early life was a life of poverty in the city of Macao, living in a tiny apartment across from the bar Mina's mother worked at, with electricity and running water infrequently available. Education was equally rather poor for the young girl, with only some access to public education and tutors, mostly provided through good Samaritans, and she was raised bilingual, speaking both Cantonese and English, taught her by her mother and father respectively.

At the age of 13, Mina's parents were both killed when they were caught in the middle of a gang dispute on their way home one night, leaving her orphaned and alone. This stressful point in her life was the catalyst to her awakening, and the one thing that perhaps helped her survive on her own, the guidance of Raccoon, and while she lacked any formal training in spellcasting, she had a way with the spirits of the city.

It wasn't until Mina was fourteen years old that she would be found by someone with magical aptitude, and taken under their wing. She was in Hong Kong now, living in Kowloon, and dancing at a seedy dive club to get by when a street shaman who was a patron of the club took interest in her, noticing a spirit she had summoned earlier. Over the course of a couple weeks of interacting with this man, Mina would eventually agree to come study under him.

Uncle Splinter, a Shaman of Rat, as Mina would come to know him, was a man in his early thirties, a Street Shaman and Shadowrunner in the twilight of his career. Mina would learn a lot from him, how to better conjure up and control spirits, the basics of casting spells, how to develop her magical aptitude and skills, and some of the pitfalls of astral space to avoid.

Once Uncle Splinter felt that Mina was sufficiently prepared, though no one is ever truly prepared, he introduced her to some of his old associates, starting the young woman's career down the path of the Shadows, engaging in small time work at first to get her feet wet. Over the course of a few years, Mina grew as a spellcaster, and a conjurer, specializing in magic that would support her team, learning a few spells from Uncle Splinter, and earning enough Nuyen to purchase her first Foci, a bracelet charm.

An otherwise normal, relatively uncomplicated run against a Wuxing facility would change things for Mina, the run went wrong, one of the runners was captured, and it seemed quite likely that he was going to speak to earn some leniency, this was a problem for Mina since he knew a bit more about her then most, and she decided it was best to get out of town for a while. Through the help of Uncle Splinter, and a few of her soon to be burned contacts, she was able to secure some identity papers, and passage to North America, deciding on Denver since it was rather inland, and the complicated border arrangement would make it difficult for someone to follow her there. As a parting gift, Uncle Splinter gave her her necklace, a powerful sustaining foci, to help her in her future endeavors.

She has been in the Denver area for several months now, adapting to her new environment, and starting to make inroads with the locals, and learning her way about the Denver sprawl. She has made some inroads with the local warrens gang the Sinners, and has joined the Spiritual Wellness Center, and made good inroads with the magical group due to extensive volunteering and generating face time with them, and was introduced to a couple of old associates of Uncle Splinter's from his earlier days running, a Troll Shaman named Mojo, and Patience, the Elven Coyote, both have helped get her situated in the city and introduced to a local fixer, and outfitted so she can resume work once again.

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