Name Feneshishi Tanaseneshisha
AKA Tanasen, Tinman
Nationality CAS
Metatype Human
Archetype Rigger.
Birthdate March 7, 2027
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"Bodies or Drones, parts is parts."


Standing at about six foot tall, this lightly tanned Human male has the look of weathered experiance worn into his face and the way his body moves. Shortly cropped brown hair covers his head, receding slightly from his forehead. Bushy eyebrows grow thickly over his hazel colored eyes. A broad nose that leads down to a strong chin and a face that shows a few scars from various incidences in his life, covered with a bit of stubble if he's had a long day or two. His body seems toned and in shape, without that hard line a muscle builder might have.
Currently he wears a dark brown suit cut in the latest styles from Armante, solid in color while a very dark purple, almost brown, shirt is buttoned up under the open jacket. A noticable lack of tie and the collar button is undone, just a touch of relaxed look to go with his clothing. Dully gleeming brown shoes are on his feet, aparently made of real leather.

Distinguishing Features

Telltale datajack on his temple.

Mannerisms and Habits

Fairly easy going off the job, he tries to get along with everyone. No need to make more enemies than needed in this biz. But on the job he's all biz and will do what it takes to get the job done. Dark rumors float about from some of the work he has done in his distant past.

He has taken a bit of a more security concious turn lately, getting his place, The Fist Full of Silver, full of security measures active and passive in nature.


He has been known to associate with many of the players in the shadowscene, with notable contacts being Daemon Starks, Paulino 'Pulse' Lucciano, The one called Mafen, Silk, and many other of the power movers in the shadows.


One of the better doctors in the Denver shadows, and while perhaps not the absolute best, he certainly ranks up there with them.

He is also a known Rigger, dealing almost entirely in drones of varying styles, but most well known for two drones he keeps active at most times, Black Widow and Big Brother. The can be seen doing rounds on the grounds of the FFOS, and nearly everyone has seen them, but few have seen them in action. Those that have only speak of it in whispers, mentioning massive carnage and deadly accuracy.


Originally from Seattle, which he left for reasons he hasn't really told anyone, Tanasen has settled to Denver to make himself a new life. After a short but successful stint working in various small shops and clinics, he hit it big and was able to purchase his current location in a fire-sale from the previous owners. He now offers all sorts of medical work to those willing to pay, and they get what they pay for both in a skilled doctor and for the healing he can provide on site.
He occasionally dabbles with more forceful work, usualy sporting a pair of rarely seen but much talked about drones that only a few have seen in action. And from what they whisper, the drones are not something would ever wish to face, or piss off the man controlling them. Thankfully Tanasen seems to be fairly easy going and well tempered for the work he does with the shadow community.

If you wish to find him, simply ask around for the Fist Full of Silver facility, and just about everyone will have heard of it, or know someone that will know how to get hold of the man that runs it.

NOTE FROM WHISTLEPUNK: Tanasen is definitly not a hot elf chick. That is all.

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