Name Nadezhda Aleksi
AKA Tailpipe
Nationality UCAS
Metatype Troll
Archetype Ganger
Birthdate Unknown
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"Being BIG BOOM!"


Pale white flesh covers her distorted face, while silvered horns curl from her head at odd angles. Blue eyes peer out over a thick and crooked nose, which leads down to a tusk filled mouth, pushing her lips out and apart. She wears only a combat vest on her torso, doing little to hide what most wouldn't want to see and only zipped up partway. Her pants are basic cargo jeans, pockets bulging with who knows what crap while her feet are covered in steel-capped boots.

Distinguishing Features

Her horns are silvered and engraved with glyphs that could mean something, but who knows what. They are also pierced with several golden rings through out.

Mannerisms and Habits

She's crude, rough, and mostly ill-mannered compared to most runners. Smoking horribly smelling cigars, spitting and snotting all over the place, and generally impatient to get the job done, preferably with as much explosives as possible.


None that she'll claim. She works for whoever pays the cash, and that's about as much can be said.


She's big on boom. Explosives, grenades, home grown motlovs, and other fun-filled homemade explosives.


She's your typical ganger, but shows no allegiance to any one gang. She probably has one she hangs with, but overall feels herself too independent to be tied to any one group. And that's only what others will say. She won't tell you jack shit.

>>>>> [Tailpipe is a blunt instrument and should be used like one. She isn't one for stealth missions and assigning her one is the height of folly. Distractions or all out assent elimination and destruction, however, is her forte. Use with caution and not near anything you have any interest in keeping in one piece.] <<<<<
-Silk (10:14:26/02-12-70)

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