Name 'Tahlon'
AKA Cujo, 'Furry' (not his choice)
Nationality Unregistered
Metatype Troll (Minotaur)
Archetype Adept
Birthdate Nov 20th, 2048//
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Topping the scales at well over 250KG, and standing a few centimeters over three meters tall, the troll before you is undoubtedly of the Minotaur bloodline. A prounounced snout juts from his furred features, his wideset eyes a dark and bright red. Massive horns curl from his forehead, rolled a single time before jutting out at a forwards angle. The dense bone horns show signs of wear and abuse, but the tips are honed to near stabbing sharpness and extend a foot and a half from his head, adding an impressive display to his already formidible figure.
The Minotaurs dark fur is midnight black, his long arms swelled with powerful muscles. He hides much of his figure under a large duster, the thick and heavy material closed in front to conceal much of his strong figure. Furred hands jut from the sleeves, and heavy boots conceal the feet that stick from under the duster.

Distinguishing Features

Jet black fur, massive horns, dull red eyes.

Mannerisms and Habits

Generally a calm demeanor, quiet, and soft spoken for one so large. But he can be quick to anger if provoked, even slightly.


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Looks combat ready and capable.


Arrived in Denver with little nuyen to his name, looking for a fresh start after a trusted contact turned up dead. Maybe you get to work with him?

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Shadowland Threads

>>>>> [ Yo, big guy! Hah! Probably won't ever see this, but whatevs. Tahlon is pretty cool. Big, big minotaur-troll guy. Smells like a herd of yaks but hey... what do you expect? He's tough. Saw him skewer some poor sod on his horns. Was pretty sick. If you want some muscle along, he's your guy. Don't expect him to sneak in though... hooves aren't good for moving softly. ] <<<<<
—Thirty-Seven (09:28:34/11-19-74)

>>>>> [I have never seen someone so utterly intimidating. He's got a smile that will freeze you solid. He moves like a wraith, too. Walked atop soft snow through a grid of sensors and ghosted two Deckers without leaving a single print in the powder. Hooves are definitely good for moving softly, and he's as brutal as he is professional.] <<<<<
—Xiao (14:19:07/11-19-74)

>>>>> [This big guy is certainly one you'd want to have by your side in a tough spot. Pulled my skin from of the fire, that's for sure, just because he'd liked the offer I'd been trying to set up for him, didn't ask for a single nuyen to stop a chummer getting fragged. Plus, I'd recommend being friendly with the guy with the bow that shoots flagpoles. The classics are classic for a reason.] <<<<<
—Posh (08:19:07/11-20-74)

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