Sylvie "Ghost Riddle" Everleaf

"END OF LINE MAN!" -Ghost Riddle

SIN ID# UCAS-13352-001RZV-000CVX-2DJ
SIN name Sylvie Everleaf
SIN type Forged (Rating 5)
Nationality UCAS
Licenses CCL Pistols
Details Small Business Owner


  • An attractive woman that looks to be in her mid to late twenties. She has dark brown, almost black hair that falls to her shoulders, parted down the middle and laying straight. Her eyes are a bright piercing blue with thick slightly arching eyebrows of matching color to the hair on her head. She has a straight narrow nose that ends in full lips that seem to have a perpetual small smile upon them. The slightly brownish skin tone is blemish free except for the obvious scar on her left cheek where it looks like someone carved the initials 'NC' into her flesh. A pair of tapered ears jut out of her hair on either side betraying the fact she is an elf.

Distinguishing Features

  • Datajack (Base of the Neck)
  • Scar on left cheek in the shape of the letters N and C.

Mannerisms and Habits

  • Tends to dress in comfy clothes and clothes that show off her body. Blue jeans, Denium jacket, midriff cut t-shirts.
  • Cheery and happy go-lucky.
  • Glass is half full type. Team cheerleader no doubt.




  • Fence and Data Fixing
  • Matrix Specialties (Search, Programming, Decking)
  • CCL qualified with pistols and some martial arts ability.

Background Checks

Simple Search

  • Runs a small computer repair business called Magic Touch out of her apartment. Business phone listing and Matrix business Host page.
  • No records of her in the Denver area until 2081. Seems to be when she arrived and setup shop in the city.

Standard Search


  • Personal data (Description, Birthday, Comm-code, most personnel details on Wiki).
  • Graduated from the University of Washington in Seattle with a bachelor's degree in art.


  • Skilled at Computer and Electronic building and repair as well as operations of said gear. Seems to be her primary form of income.
  • She moved here from Seattle in 2081.
  • She has several speeding tickets against her driving record in the UCAS side of Denver. Seems to like to zoom on her bike a little too often.
  • She's a skilled artist that has an art gallery online and does commission work. She draws and paints in a dynamic anime style and loves drawing hentai porn for commissions. She also seems to have her own webcomic entitled "The Misadventures of Bad Karma" which is action oriented series that follows a group of fictional Shadowrunners doing what Shadowrunners do, get into trouble!

Detailed Search


  • Nothing not already gathered above. Its easy to see the impression that she is very new to Denver and not much info about Sylvie when looking for information on her in Seattle.


  • Skilled decker and programmer. Possible good enough for data fixing, forgery of SINs and snatch and grab Matrix work but nothing solid linking her to such activities. She may be going by the Matrix persona 'Ghost Riddle'.


  • She bares a striking resemblence to someone named Anita Sandstone from Seattle. Photo records of Antia vs. Sylvie is a 95% match. Anita could be her twin. This unlocks searches for Anita Sandstone. 100% confirmed she is the Matrix hacker 'Ghost Riddle'.
Name Sylvie Everleaf
AKA Ghost Riddle
Metatype Elf
Archetype Decker
Birthdate Oct 23rd, 2054
Nationality UCAS
Hair Dark Black
Eyes Blue
Skin Light
Height 1.6x (5'4")
Build Athletic Runner Body Type
Cyber Datajack at base of neck
Fashion Mix of Grunge and Street/Rocker Chic
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