Name Stumpy
AKA Gepeto
Nationality UCAS SINLess
Metatype Dwarf
Archetype Adept
Birthdate 2042 (Exact Date Unknown)//
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"You put da pointy end in da otha guy."


Un ugly dwarf with a short beard, ratty clothes and fairly skittish in nature.

Distinguishing Features

Right arm is cyber with a wooden finish, barb wire scar across his throat, and burn marks on his face.

Mannerisms and Habits

Scared of most things, very protective of his friends and possesions, awkward in social situations, and fairly messy. Is often whittling, practicing/showing off his very nice sword, or drinking down at The Big House.


Frequently seen down at The Big House and knows it regulars, and is good friends with it's owner Molly. Does jobs frequently with runners known as Hardy and Torrent. Also associates with a conjurer who works at the Queen of Cups that uses the handle Frost.


Excellent melee combatant, and skilled with a shotgun. Very adapt at stealth. A nice addition to any team that needs some extra muscle or grunt work.


A street rat with a very rough origion that's left it's mark on the young dwarf. He's hit some good luck recently, and has turned to the shadows to pull himself up from the bottom of society.

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