Name Sylwia Peczak
AKA Squeeze
Nationality Polish
Metatype Dwarf
Archetype Shadow-Op
Birthdate Sep 09, 2049
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"I'll just borrow this…"


This dwarven woman stands a little under four feet tall, and is posessed of a fairly lean physique- for a dwarf. She is not particularly curvy, but her short arms and legs in relation to her torso betray her as anything but a dwarf. She has dark brown- almost black hair, and her eyes are a steely grey. She has a slightly broad nose and wide mouth which give her face a slightly squashed look.

Distinguishing Features

  • Lean, athletic physique
  • Strong Polish accent
  • Cybernetic forearm (conceal 9)
  • Augmented eyes (conceal 10)

Mannerisms and Habits

  • Habitual thief
  • Very observant
  • Suspicious and cautious
  • Outwardly cheerful


  • Mr. X - Anonymous Mr. Johnson, communicates by dead drop packages and disposable cellphones
  • Mad-Eyes Mick - Lone Star snitch, sometimes sells information to other sources
  • Cutter - Street doc, runs a trauma and alpha clinic out of a semi-derelict apartment in the CAS sector
  • Sparky - Fence, specializing in electronics and information


  • Stealth and infiltration speciality
  • Proficient at defeating electronic security systems
  • Cybernetically enhanced with tools and weaponry
  • Proficient with tasers and stunguns
  • Will not use lethal force unless absolutely neccecary


Born in Poland during the Russian occupation to a pair of circus performers, Sylwia learned some of the tricks of their trade at a young age. Fled Poland for fear of troubles there reaching a boiling point. Father died in transit to America. Her and her mother ended up working for the Russian mob in Detroit, eventually got caught by police, snitched to avoid deportation. Fled to Seattle. Mob tracked them down in Seattle, killed her mother. Sylwia lived as a hobo and a traveller for 18 months before ending up in the Denver FTZ, took to stealing for a living. Through a series of contracts for various Denver interests, acquired several pieces of cyeberware and honed her skills. Caught on the job by a corp, forced into corporate clandestine work for 2 years. Just recently released from contract.

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