Name Sorina
Nationality CAS
Metatype Human
Archetype Fixer
Birthdate July 7th, 2049
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"I think it's time you make a serious offer."


The woman stands around five foot five, with long smooth black hair which reaches to her mid back, which she leaves to fall freely behind her. She has light blue eyes and a warm smile. She is lightly tanned and is a rather attractive and beautiful woman, in her mid twenties.

She appears to be in good shape with a slender but curvy build to her. No matter what she wears it hard to hide her large chest, and tight round behind. She is wearing a tailored made dark black business suit, which clings to her in all the right ways, giving her a very feminine yet professional look. She is wearing a pair of black sunglasses and pair of black heels.

Distinguishing Features

She is always well dressed and ready to make a great first impression. Has long black hair and blue eyes, and has an amazing smile that she is never afraid to show.

Mannerisms and Habits

She is a very friendly and out going person. She believes in always keeping up a professional image, and looking the part when she discusses business. She is extremely serious when talking about money, though once the deal is made she is happy to make friends. Though she is as happy to deal in contacts and friendships as much as with money.

She lives by a code that she made herself, and sticks to that code to give her guidance in her business dealings.

1. Always tell the truth when dealing with contacts.(The law doesn't count)
2. Some times its best just to keep your mouth shut.
3. If you really want something, you need to get out there and go get it.(Being lazy gets you no where)


Former gun smuggler with the Crimson Tide.


Speaks cityspeak, french, japanese and english.

She has contacts all around town, for getting gear and information. Knows her way around the blackmarket and criminal organizations, and knows smuggling routes throughout the city. If you need something be it information or gear, she knows how to get it, where to find it or has heard at least something about it.

She is a fierce negoitator, an elegant diplomat, inspiring leader and a mean thug. A different face for any situation she finds herself in. She can fit in almost any where.


Sorina's early life isn't well known. Though her first appearance in the shadow scene was at a very young age, when she joined with a group of gun smugglers called the Crimson Tide. Sorina learned to handle herself and worked in the field for many years, before leaving the group. Using her smuggling contacts she quickly began to grow a network of informants and contacts all across the city, in many different fields. She became a broker of goods and information.

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