Name Smoke
AKA Vapor
Nationality Half Sioux/Half Irish
Metatype Human
Archetype Shaman (Owl)
Birthdate Jan 18, 2038
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"I'd rather be out of body…"


A Sioux male in his early forties, with broad shoulders, medium wide build and medium length black hair.

Distinguishing Features

Hazel Eyes, green to brown to green. He has several small facial scars, but not enough to detract from his looks. He is in shape and seems to work out on a regular basis. More often than not he wears an ancient looking bone comb braided vertically into the back of his hair. He is native blooded, at least a half breed, and is always openly wearing medicine bags and bracelets showing an affectation for earthy magical style.

Mannerisms and Habits

Smoke is often very energetic and talkative, but this may be attributed to large quantities of caffeine. The man does like his coffee. He also smokes quite a few cigarettes and often lights up in places where he isn't supposed to. He has been known to be socially awkward, but that has calmed somewhat of late. Rumor has it that there was some sort of falling out in his most recent relationship.


He has been working random odd jobs lately, more inclined to drift from working group to working group. He recently purchased a three story building. The first floor of which has a shop called Jaya's Hair and Nails. More often than not he can be contacted at the Red Rock Diner. He has been known to run with the B-Team on occasion and considers them all close friends


Smoke prefers the position of astral recon and spirit back up. He is well rounded and can handle various types of job opportunities. He is also studying enchanting and alchemy. He also won the June 2070 street fighting competition and seems to be able to handle himself quite well in that area which is surprising for a shaman.


Unknown before appearing in Denver during the summer of 2069


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