Name Unknown
AKA Smasher
Nationality Texas
Metatype Human
Archetype Ganger
Birthdate (Not on Record) Around 2038
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"You ever seen someone beaten to death with someone else's muthafuckin' spine? Cuz you about to, baka."


Slow, ponderous movements are seen from the enormous black man in front of you. They were the movements of someone who has been working the streets for years, and isn't in a hurry to impress you. 6'4' or 6'5' in height. It wasn't his height that made him stand out in a crowd. It was the massive length of his thick shoulders that gave the imagery of gargantuanism. A low, smooth rumbling voice is heard everytime he chooses to speak.

Smooth dark ebony skin is the cover of this man's body. A militaristic shaved haircut adorns his head, narrow enough to almost look like a very short dark haired mohawk. High cheekbones as well as the proud jut of his strong jaw complete what would be a handsome face if it weren't for the almost perma-sneer on his face. Those white teeth of his are shown as his lips open up with a most devious grin. Keeping in line with the lofty length of his haughtily held head, the neck spans very far along with the small nicks and scars that dance around it, and would look to be fragile if it were not for the sinews of light muscle that teem along its circumference, mixing slightly with the living tendrils of veins that barely appear amidst a sea of dark flesh.

His chest, mirroring the thick, massive musculature of his shoulders, sprawls outward slightly with the strength of undeniably toned pectorals and show off a branding on his right pectoral which is now unidentifiable due to (what seems like) self inflicted cuts and scrapes. His abdomen might as well be called a washboard, the rippling blocks of sinew and muscle tissue forming the basis for a very respectable six-pack. Each cut looks like it delves deep into the flesh of his gut - like a network of intricate canals the formation is almost perfectly symmetrical in appearance, tantalizingly leading downward towards the hip and the division between his legs. An old firearms wound which looks like a peppered spray of shotgun slugs is visible on the naked skin.

(PG13 version, ask for the NC-17!)

Legs much longer han his torso complete the image, their overly toned lengths communicating an existence of daily exercise and use, quadriceps and calves sloped nicely with the lithe musculature his body is known for. His big feet look like they've seen many years of wear and tear.

Worn on the top of his head is a dark green bandana. Around his torso is a unfastened grey kevlar vest that leaves his chest and middrift showing. A finger bone necklace drapes around his neck with a simple black leather band. Each of the bones vary in size and color from off white to yellowish that can't possibly all be from the same person. Dark brown baggy pants and thick steel toe boots finish off the ganger's attire.

Mannerisms and Habits

Deep, deep down he's just another troubled soul that yearns to just be understood and loved.

…Nah, just fuckin' with you. He's a horrible, horrible man. Violent, murderous and remorseless. On his SIN, he's been brought up on multiple counts of murder of civilians and peace officers, robbery, assault and battery and loitering. Usually high off life-burning drugs like Nitro. He has the habit of sometimes collecting the fingers off his victims to add them to his necklace.




A wide variety of bodily harm.
Environmental destruction.
Diplomatic Relations.


Rumor is that Smasher recently just escaped from prison after a prison riot ensued. 13 days before his execution.

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