Name Eamon MacSweeney
AKA Rupert Graham, Slur, Haver, Tanglefoot
Nationality Tir na nÓg
Metatype Human
Archetype Shaman
Birthdate Sep 2nd, 2047
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"whh… hd'I git 'ere…


Not a particularly pleasant face. Sharp features with gaunt cheeks, bug eyes typically squinting, drooped lips over teeth like dripstones. Scraggly black hair and month-old beard to match. The voice that comes out brings to mind a leaky fridge full of spilled spirits. Dress more typical from overseas, London Fog style overcoat riddled with cigarette burn marks and old stains like the rest of his clothing. Natural hemp and bead bracelets rattle on his wrists and left ankle in disrepair. A fine, black felt bowler hat sits atop his crown, weathered but loved. Right hand's metal fingers grip a tarnished steel knot at the end of a black cane to right the issue of balance the knee-length peg leg imposes.

Distinguishing Features

Right forearm prosthetic, right knee-length peg leg. Usually walks with a cane incorrectly on the same side. Particularly unappealing, if rememberable facial characteristics.

Mannerisms and Habits

Drinks quite often, questionably an alcoholic. Smokes. Speaks with some Tir na Nog slang and is always slurring his words to at least a minor degree. Speaks to "faeries" like they're over his shoulder.


Currently drifting amongst minor squatting sects in Aurora.


Rumor-wise, if anything, this man is a burnout shaman if not a simple hobo. Further than that he has a small collection of illusionary spells in addition to spirit control. He is a quick with his hands, and he has a handgun though there's word he's never really hit anything with it.


Slur is a purposefully disadvantaged and flawed character, and does not need assistance from an OOC perspective.

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