"My idea of a good Saturday night is running for my life from half the Warrens."

- Slip

"It's easy to care what people think of you when you can afford to buy your next meal. Where I grew up, that was the last thing on anybody's mind."

- Slip

Vital Statistics

Full Name: Veronika Kozlova (AKA: Slip)

Metatype: Homo Sapiens Nobilis

Vitals: 1.75 meters in height, around 54 kilograms in weight.

DOB: January 4, 2055 (Bielsk Podlaski, Poland)

Nationality: Complicated.
(Born in Poland, to Russians, and became a UCAS citizen. Her UCAS SIN is currently flagged with criminal status.)


Distinguishing Features: The piercings. The tattoos. The attitude.

Mannerisms and Habits: She's undeniably from the street, and slips in and out of Warrens cant all the time. She speaks with the faintest trace of a Russian accent. She's a habitue of the low-end club scene. She smokes, she drinks, she does drugs.

Associations: None, currently. Formerly of the Freerunners Aurora parkour raiding gang, as well as a season spent with the Denver Thunderheads' minor league Urban Brawl affiliate, where she was notoriously controversial.

Known Capabilities: A physical adept who concentrates on free running. She can get places with her bare hands and feet that it would take most people climbing gear and a detailed plan to get.

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