Name Kaivan Ngorithan
AKA Slinger, Gregory Smith,
Kelvin Jacobsen
Nationality UCAS
Metatype Elf
Archetype Hermetic Mage
Birthdate 27 Sep 2048
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"When are they gonna stop callin' me 'kid'?"


Slinger — short for Mojo-Slinger — is short for an elf, with blond hair and blue eyes, yet he doesn't quite bear the angular look of those with true Nordic features. No, instead, this youth is all-American mutt. Hair is worn longish in back, while in front it is spiked and gelled. Occasionally, he'll wear a ponytail. He's slender, yet with a bit of developing muscle — and he looks young. Part of it is the height and his ancestry; part of it is just the fact he has a baby-face. And part of it is that he actually is young for what he does. Rumors have it, in fact, that he started running the Shadows at the tender age of fourteen.

He is often wearing a simple trenchcoat, along with a simple T-shirt and jeans — though sometimes his appearance will change. More often than not, though, he is posing as someone else when he is seen in public, knowing that he has a reputation, and, from time to time, people who would like to frag with him for whatever reason.

Distinguishing Features

Slinger is proud of both his youth and his elfin heritage — the first because there is a certain element of him that takes pride in what he has done at such a young age. Despite his complaints about being called 'kid', he accentuates his youth, and even when disguised usually chooses a form that is in his mid-twenties, at the oldest. His pointed ears will usually be prominently displayed as well, as if in challenge, defying /anyone/ to call him a Dandelion eater.

Mannerisms and Habits

  • Slinger was raised among humans, and so — unlike many elves — is by no means a strict vegetarian. He'll cheerfully eat meat, when he can get it.
  • Slinger is a heavy smoker — something he started the day he became a Shadowrunner — and it, also, is a point of pride. He has frequently said that he hopes cigarettes kill him — because if they do, they means he managed to survive a lifetime of Shadowrunning.
  • Slinger's brand of choice are Mountain Lion cigarettes, unfiltered — a brand manufactured by the Sioux. They are strong and rich in nicotine, but are mostly pure tobacco and free of most of the additives that most commercial brands have.
  • While Slinger is not totally against drug use, thinking people should be allowed to go to hell in their own way, he does not use drugs other than caffeine and nicotine. In fact, he drinks alcohol very little, usually preferring a fizzycoke. He claims it's because he doesn't want to risk being impaired in case something comes up. The truth? He's embarassingly lightweight when it comes to alcohol.
  • Slinger is, on occasion, cocky to the point of arrogant. On the other hand, he has certain deep insecurities at the same time. There is a part of him that still thinks of himself as just a kid from the slums, despite what he has accomplished.
  • Slinger is completely, totally, and entirely homosexual. He also tends to prefer the company of males his age or younger, though only those who are of the age of consent.
  • Slinger, despite the amount of cash invested in his foci, lives a low-to-middle-class lifestyle. Apparently, he puts all of his money into gear.
  • Slinger is a notorious white hat — he seldom takes a job just for money, though he's not adverse to snatch-and-grab. He doesn't like to kill when it can be avoided, preferring nonlethal techniques whereever possible. There are, however, exceptions.


  • Slinger is known to be a friend and associate of Blindside.
  • Slinger has done projects with the Watchers.
  • Slinger has ties to, and has done projects with, the Draco Foundation.
  • Slinger has close ties to the Saints, a gang in the Warrens, and considers himself to be closely allied with them.
  • Slinger has reputed ties to the Mancini and Innocenti families, though the exact nature of these is unclear.
  • Slinger is known to have close ties with Page, the owner of High Arcana, an enchanter of some repute.


  • Slinger is a hermetic mage of some power. He uses foci extensively. His exact capabilities are difficult to determine due to his high initiate grade and Extended Masking metamagical technique, which he employs extensively to hide his aura.
  • Slinger tends to rely far more upon sorcery than upon conjuring.
  • Slinger has routinely claimed to be 'matrix-stupid'. There are rumors that he suffers from Simsense Vertigo, an affliction of some mages caused by the conflict of inputs between their astral awareness (always on at a low-level even when not perceiving) and the inputs of simsense. The experience is somewhat like a cross between motion sickness and migraine.


Slinger's full background is available on the main Shadowrun: Denver web site.

Kaivan Ngorithan was born to a pair of elfin parents from the second generation after the return of magic. Both of his parents were mages, gifted in the Hermetic arts. They were killed when he was just a baby in a magical accident brought upon by the intrusion of a Shadowrun team at a critical moment into the facility where they worked. The baby was adopted and cared for by another employee, an older man. That division shortly was dissolved, leaving Slinger's mentor unemployed.

His mentor turned to the Shadow side of business, setting up an enchanting operation in the small apartment he shared with the boy in the Aurora Warrens. While never wealthy, he was never poor, and Slinger was spared most of the hardships of living in that part of town. His Master was always strict, pushing the boy hard on a strict regimen of study, and kept the youth under his thumb to prevent him from getting distracted by the other elements within the Sprawl — the gangs, the violence, the seedier side of the underworld. Slinger has many memories of his nose in a book as a youth, staring out the window when he could sneak the chance and watching the ganger-youths… with a hint of envy for their freedom.

All that changed when Kaivan — let out of the apartment on a rare errand to make a delivery to Greyson, a Talismonger friend of his Mentor, came back to find the apartment raided, the telltale signs of corporate goons left behind. Kaivan was too late to save his Mentor's life. Instead, panicked, the boy grabbed a couple of foci, some nuyen, and fled, finding himself a cheap flophouse to crash in while he gathered his wits. Later, he risked going out to buy provisions — including his first pack of smokes from someone too lazy to check ID. He had decided what he was going to be. After all, he had encountered runners before, clients of his Mentor, though he was seldom permitted to speak to them.

Greyson turned out to be an asset and an ally, helping him spend some of that stolen cash on various items — and the first among those was a new identity, that of Gregory Smith. With that, he set about trying to make some contacts. It took a while, slowly building his power level with the aid of the foci that he acquired from the shop of his dead Mentor, but Slinger survived and quickly gained in power, becoming one of the more powerful mages within the Denver Shadow community.

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>>> [Without a doubt one of *the* premier mages in town. A name spoken sort of like Gandolf or Merlin in some circles, this elf (if that is his real race) seems incredibly young and naive for the shadows. Don't let that ever fool you. He is one of the baddest mothers you will ever cross if you are unlucky, or an unrelenting ally if you gain his favor. He is power on tap.]
- Silk (12:34:45/02-10-70)
>>> [Absolutely reliable as long as you can keep him from getting distracted by pretty guys.]
- Eastwood 3:16 (10:52:12/02-11-70)
>>> [This man is definitely one of a kind, a dependable comrade, one of very few runners that I have allowed myself to call 'friend'.]
- Dark Wolf (04:12:36/02-15-70)
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