Name James Vanderbilt
AKA Slim-Jim
Nationality CAS
Metatype ELF
Archetype RIGGER
Birthdate Mar. 4, 2040
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"Open that can of cream soda in my baby and Lone Star's gonna be the least of your worries, partner."


An elf worthy of his handle, Slim-Jim is tall even by the standards of his kind, and plenty svelte to boot. Rare is the day when his brown goatee isn't framing a charmingly cocky smile, or when his eyes aren't hidden by mirrored aviators. He also favors a beige cowboy hat, and his typical choices of attire are equally southern. His facial features lend him a certain roguish quality, subtle nose and strong jaw working together to achieve that affect.

Distinguishing Features

He has a datajack port just under his right ear, towards the back of his head. Further, his right arm bears the image of the CAS flag, with the caption "COWBOY UP."

Mannerisms and Habits

He smokes tobacco and drinks. If he can't smoke, he always has a tin of Southern Pride chewing tobacco nearby. He has a tendency to treat things as challenges or games rather than seriously, and has a sort of magnanimous overconfidence, that, while arguably charming, will probably get him dead one day.


Slim-Jim is not affiliated with any shadow organizations, preferring to work freelance.


Phenomenal driver (ex-NASCAR rigger), very competent mechanic/electrician. Also has good knowledge of computers. He is at least a passable infiltrator—though potential Johnsons should not hire him solely in this capacity. He excels at making getaways.


NASCAR fans and Native Americans can easily recognize Slim-Jim as none other than James Vanderbilt, one of the more rancorous heels of his day. With as many as 12 and no less than 5 fights on his record, Vanderbilt was finally barred from all NASCAR events and subsidiaries when he made a racist comment directed towards fellow driver Mark Standing Bear during a post-game interview.

For those Johnsons or runners which don't follow NASCAR, Slim-Jim is nonetheless not a hard runner to get a hold of. He has a certain, flamboyant southern flair to everything he does, and he's known to be cocky even amongst racing/rigging circles. For a couple of years now, he's been making waves in the street racing circuits in and around Denver, as well as in the shadowscene. He prefers smuggling or acting as a getaway driver.

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