Sled Huskin
Name Samuel Edward Huskin
AKA Sled, Sam
Nationality UCAS
Metatype Human
Archetype Samurai
Birthdate February 3rd, 2043
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"Alright, I'm sleddin' out of here."


Sled Huskin stands at almost six feet in height, and weighs roughly one hundred and seventy five pounds. He has a lean, though muscular and athletic build. He has a fairly average looking face, clean shaven with soft, slightly bushy eyebrows. His hair is dark brown and mid-length, coming down to just above his shoulders, with a slight swept back, feathered look. His eyes are brown and soft, with a kind of quiet demeanor to him. He is soft spoken with a flat mid-western accent, though when he speaks, he does so with clarity and confidence. His left ear has three silver hoops in it, from the bottom, each slightly smaller than the last. He wears a pair of slightly tight fitting blue jeans, somewhat faded from wear, but clean and presentable. His jeans have a leather belt around them, with a belt buckle that is a pewter oval with the shape of a cow skull on it. His torso is covered by a standard plain black pocket t-shirt, with a pack of cigarettes in his pocket and another rolled up in his right sleeve, revealing a little bit more of his toned upper arm. His left forearm has a dragon tattoo on the upper side of it with flames rolling up towards his bicep. His right forearm has an emperor scorpion tattoo on the underside of it, facing upward. On his right shoulder, you can see part of another tattoo, the tail of a dragon, coming out from the sleeve. He wears a pair of dark brown, leather hiking boots on his feet that are slightly stained from use and thick tread on the bottoms of them. On the right side of his hip, attached to his belt is a set of three black throwing knives, though only the handle of them is visible outside of the sheath that they are in, and on his left hip, tilted toward his right side is what appears to be a standard tactical knife sitting in it's sheath. A katana is strapped to his back, the scabbard is a gloss black, and the handle of it is a satin black as well as the guard. You can see a small bulge in the back of his t-shirt just above his jeans, most likely a small pistol tucked away for good measure. And a leather holster strapped to his left shoulder that wraps around under his arm where his main pistol is kept

Distinguishing Features

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Mannerisms and Habits

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Hand to Hand Combat, Knives, Katanas, Throwing Weapons, Stealth, Demolitions, Interrogation, Pistols, Rifles


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