Name Kohana Gray
AKA Iktome
Nationality American
Metatype Minotaur
Archetype Shaman
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"It was a compliment you shallow whore!"


A Minotaur with an unexplainably skin crawling appearance. He stands at
a height of 8 and a half feet tall. Eyes are glossy and beetle black, framed by
boney brows and a mass of dry bristling black fur that covers the entirety of hi
s body. Body is boney and wasting away with the lengths of fur sticking up and b
bristling over the bonier parts such as his shoulder blades. Jagged yellowed teeth
to match and a dirty mop of hair messily upon his brow that follows the base of
his neck like a mane.

Distinguishing Features

Looks really quite underweight. Fur is very bristly and spider-like, if you could call it that. Beady black spidery eyes.

Mannerisms and Habits

He tends to default to his asshole behavior at first, tries to be a bully but is all too quick to hide when startled or concerned for his safety. Hides when possible, won't pass up a dark secluded space. Bit of a scavenger. Relaxes with a bit of knitting. Kinda Twitchy.


Skitter came from what was never meant to be a broken household. His mother, a Native American troll woman called Kaya with a decent home in Denver met his father, a Minotaur bar tender called Jayson, on a holiday away to Cyprus.

The two had a sweet romance for the two weeks Kaya was there but when the woman returned, Jayson made plans and eventually traveled to Denver, where Kaya went to meet him at the borders.

Everything went wrong when the scanner made a faulty reading on Jayson's SIN and flagged him as a criminal. The border guard had little sympathy for the mans pleas and before he could be arrested, Jayson struck the guard and made a run for it, finding his way later through the wall via a smuggling route and tracking Kaya back to her house.

The two moved to the warrens, finding a terrible house but a safe one none-the-less and Kaya purchased it for them whilst putting her own home up for sale, settling for the less than satisfactory life to be with her partner.

A few months later Kaya became unexpectedly pregnant without much having the means to care for a child. Their Minotaur child was born into the warrens, Kohana but the relationship had become resentful and unhealthy by the time he was born. The baby was given very little of the care needed but survived either way.
Growing up Kohana learned to hide in dark holes and nooks to keep away from the often very violent arguments that developed, his father, if he ever found him, would gladly give him a beating for things that were not his fault.

Puberty came around the age of 9 for Kohana, and very shortly after it had begun during a vicious argument that found him trapped in the corner of a room he had his first vision. A beautiful woman with spidery features and glossy black eyes, pulled him into her loving embrace and offered small sanctuary for him.
On another occasion when his parents were arguing outside his room and physically beating on each other, spiders seemed to pour from behind and under absolutely everything until they were crawling over the entirety of the room. Too frightened to scream Kohana was encased in spiders and instead of feeling fear he felt an overwhelming sense of comfort and safety.

After this he became innately aware of his affinity with spiders, often finding them approaching him within his room, finding a bond with one particular spider that hung in the corner of his room that he brought food regularly.

By the time he was 16 the situation had altered horribly, his mother had left after he'd turned 13 and his father had reluctantly stayed looking after Kohana. After one occasion where Kohana and his father had a terrible physical fight, Kohana left and simply never returned, throwing himself in at the deep end for Warren living.
He made his way at first finding food wherever it was available, eventually ending up involved in some smuggling runs which soon became the norm for him, smuggle, make money, get food and repeat, other bad habits followed such as drinking and gambling but the spider shamanism still developed with him and it was the only thing he truly felt a deep love for.

He found himself in a relationship with an ex prostitute who thought the world of him even though he was a horribly abusive partner. After two years he drove the poor girl to suicide and it shook him terribly to realize it was his doing and buried himself for the next few years into finding scraps of work wherever possible in and around the Warrens whilst continuously changing ever so slightly every year to represent his totem, the spider.

As time went on he became a twitchy character, finding he often needed to be doing something however small and got into knitting, feeling very much closer to his totem whilst doing so at the same time as keeping himself distracted. It was a small comfort for a man so paranoid and on edge. Often preffering to hide one could call Skitter a coward, whilst on the other hand, when perceiving himself as in control can become an aggressive bully if he's not careful.

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