Simone Vogel

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Metatype HUMAN
Archetype WITCH
Birthdate xxx/2052
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Simone dresses in thrift-store vintage and can be seen in anything from goth dresses, head to toe biker leather, metal t-shirts cut into loose tank tops, army surplus parkas or anything in between. Black and white are her typical daily color scheme and her hair is typically worn long to offer her something to hide behind. Lately she's been sporting a more sleek bob trimmed very short in the back while the bangs hang down to her collarbones. As a general rule, her hair is always dyed somewhere in the red part of the spectrum, from fire engine red to maroon but will occasionally go jet black. She often crafts personal jewelry from the bones and feathers of the city birds which she seems drawn to. A pair of modern goggles styled to look Victorian are commonly worn when she rides her Triumph, and a breather mask is often worn to conceal the rest of her face. Any time she isn't wearing sleeves, tattoos will be visible stretching from her shoulders to the backs of her hands, and the word ALPTRAUM is inked across her knuckles.


Can often be found at a library or wherever city birds gather. She is very curious, but easily distracted. Shy, yet persistent when she needs to be. A chronic daydreamer. Fidgety. Lastly, (and perhaps most significantly) she suffers from paranoid anxiety to potential extremes. In a purely superstitious effort to learn how to defend herself from magic, she studies old occult traditions, but she sees it all through a 1960s sort of pre-Awakening cult/occult lens.


She can often be found skulking around the Souk, or frequenting Jaya's Salon in South Hampden. Regular contact with the Sinners in Mission Hills. Certain European eco-activist groups. Minor European branches of the Draco Foundation. Klabauterbund, Hamburg, AGS.


An escapist by nature, she is an extremely paranoid, private and anxious person, and is unlikely to divulge personal information under any circumstances, especially to criminals that she has only recently met.

She is currently undergoing some unfortunate psychological changes (loss of sleep due to vivid recurring nightmares, severe paranoia, chronic anxiety) from the rigors of Denver's shadows, and is questioning her general outlook on life. She finds herself indulging in some of the less-intense narcotics on the streets lately to distract herself from her fears (namely Zen, Bliss and the occasional dose of Psyche).

OOC: Simone is a reluctant witch who finds the use of magic to be confusing, frightening, and stressful. She rarely uses magic openly, and will not discuss it with other characters. If she does end up in some sort of a magic-related discussion she will never, ever use the spell or spirit power names from the rule books, and she will not understand what people mean when they use them in dialog. If she ends up casting spells, it will often be accidental or due to reaching a stress-induced breaking point, and more often than not, I'll randomly determine which spell she casts by a roll of the dice.

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