Simone Vogel / Gretchen Roth

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Metatype HUMAN
Birthdate xxx/2054
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Simone (Gretchen on the streets) mainly wears thrift-store finds and can be seen in anything from goth dresses, biker jackets, metal t-shirts cut into loose tank tops, cutoffs, army surplus parkas and the like — typically grunge, very rarely chic. Black and white are her typical colors of choice and her hair is typically worn long to offer her something to hide behind. However, she's recently been seen sporting a messy platinum bob. She often wears simple jewelry, and a lot of it. Any time she isn't wearing sleeves, tattoos will be visible stretching from her shoulders to the backs of her hands, and the word ALPTRAUM is inked across her knuckles. In a smaller font on the next lower finger segments, the words MILE and HIGH are tattooed.


Can often be found at the Robert E. Lee public library, dive bars, or video game arcades. She is very curious, but easily distracted. Shy, yet persistent when she needs to be. A chronic daydreamer. Fidgety. Lastly, (and perhaps most significantly) she suffers from paranoid anxiety to potential extremes. In a purely superstitious effort to learn how to defend herself from magic, which she distrusts with every ounce of her being, she studies old occult traditions (ancient methods of keeping "the bogeyman" at bay), but she sees it all through a 1960s sort of pre-Awakening cult/occult lens.


She can often be found skulking around the Souk, or frequenting Jaya's Salon in South Hampden, CAS district. Knows to associate with the Sinners in Mission Hills. Certain European eco-activist groups. Minor European branches of the Draco Foundation. Klabauterbund, Hamburg, AGS.


An escapist by nature, she is an extremely paranoid, private and anxious person. She is unlikely to be very talkative with shadowrunners that she has only recently met.

She is currently undergoing some unfortunate psychological issues from the rigors of Denver's shadows, and is questioning her general outlook on life. She often indulges in booze, pills and recreational drugs to distract herself from her fears.

OOC: I LIKE CHARACTER FLAWS: Simone/Gretchen does not cast spells enough to be ICly known as a spellcaster! She keeps her aura perpetually masked as mundane, using the Deliberate Masking option from MitS (also see <+info magic metamagic extendedmasking> in-game). She finds the use of magic to be confusing, frightening, and stressful, and is fully in denial about these abilities. I play her magic as intuitive/accidental, not at all academic. She will not willingly discuss magic, but if by chance she does end up in a related discussion she will not use the spell or spirit power names from the rule books, and she will probably not understand what people mean when they use them in dialog. If she ends up casting, which is incredibly rare, it will often be due to reaching a stress-induced breaking point, and in these cases I enjoy randomly determining which spell is cast by a roll of the dice.

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