Name Simon Black
AKA Turtle
Nationality UCAS
Metatype Human/
Archetype Mage
Birthdate July 1st, 2032
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"Magic, Technology, both of these are sources of power, and all power corrupts."

The human before you is fairly pale, his skin contrasted by his dark hair and beard. The beard is neatly trimmed and his hair is short. His eyes are dark as well, a deep brown, and he gives off a sorta sinister vibe until he talks. His accent is fairly muddled, a little boston, a little european, its almost like he learned to speak from a dozen different people.

He is dressed in a set of black coveralls. Multiple pockets show signs of small bulges denoting various items concealed within. The most noticable thing is the large riot shield he has on his arm or slung over his back. It almost makes him look like a turtle when its on his back, and shows that this man takes his safety seriously. He also seems to be wearing one of those Ares Helmets that are in fashion for folks that brave dangerous areas. This one lacks a face shield though.


What little is known about Simon is rumor and suspicion. A mage, but not extremly powerful, he has just reciently gotton out of an 18 year stint in prison for thieft of a magical artifact. He used his family savings to provide him some security and assist him in starting a new life out from under the scrutiny of his parole officer.

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